The Harvest Goddess will host a game show in the beginning of the new year. The program runs only from Spring 1 to Spring 5 of each year. This is a limited time to get some fabulous and rare prizes.
Harvest Moon - More Friends of Mineral Town 01

The new year game show

How to Play

The game can be accessed on the left channel of the TV on some days (at least until the 5th of Spring). Sometimes the game show will appear right away, but other times I have to press left a few times to get it to appear.

For each round, a digit between 0 and 9 will be chosen .That digit will be shown 14 times across and 3 times down (for a total of 42 copies of the digit). You have to predict whether the next digit chosen will be higher or lower. If you get it right, it will count as a win and you can continue playing. If the next digit chosen is the same as the previous digit, it will not be counted as a win, but you can still continue playing. If you predict incorrectly, the game ends, and the number of wins will determine your prize

If the digit is 0-4, the odds are in favor of the next digit being larger. If the digit is 5-9, the odds are in favor of the next digit being smaller. Once you have accumulated enough wins for the item you want, you might want to try to lose, especially if the prizes for more wins can't be sold.

Once you have played 5 times in one day, she says "That's it for today. Bye now." when you try to access her game show. However, any time you are not satisfied with the prize you won, you can use the diary's "load" feature to go back to before you won it and try again (provided you remembered to save before playing, and after each time you get a satisfactory prize).


  • 0–1 Nothing
  • 2 Points: Black Grass, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Indigo Grass, Orange Grass, Purple Grass,Red Grass, White Grass, or Yellow Grass
  • 3–9 Buckwheat Flour, Rice Cake
  • 10–14 Relaxation Tea Leaves
  • 15–19 Sunblock 
  • 20–23 Skin Lotion
  • 25–29 Facial Pack 
  • 30–39 Perfume
  • 40–49 Dress
  • 50–59 Golden Lumber 
  • 60–69 Fossil of Ancient Fish
  • 70–79 Pirate Treasure 
  • 80–89 Recipe for Ketchup 
  • 90–99 Recipe for French Fries
  • 100+ Book 


Spoiler Alert
1. For those who are playing HM in a VBAdvance or some other emulator, quick save the game every time an answer is correct. This way you can get as many wins as you want so you can "choose" the price.
2. Take a note of every win on a paper or some text file to keep the count.
3. The most desirable prize is Relaxation Tea Leaves as it takes only 10-14 correct answers and can be sold for a fair price.
4. You can keep playing 5 times per day so don't lose the opportunity to do so.

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