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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Natsume
Released Japan November 23, 2005

America July 31, 2007

Modes Single Player
Ratings E for Everyone
Platforms Playstation Portable
Genre Simulation
Media Playstation Portable UMD
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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (牧場物語ハーベストムーン ボーイ&ガール, Bokujō Monogatari: Hābesuto Mūn Bõi & Gāru, lit. "Ranch Story: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl") is game for Playstation Portable.

It is a complete port of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl. Both games were originally released on Playstation; however Harvest Moon for Girl was not translated nor released to North America until mid-winter 2011 on PlayStation Network.

Story & Gameplay

This game has the same story & gameplay as Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, except that it is combined/ported together as one game. You can either play as a boy (Destiny), or a girl (Fate). They can be renamed at the start of the game.



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