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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Natsume
Released JapanDecember 12, 2003
America July 26, 2005
Modes Single Player
Ratings E (Everyone)
Platforms Game Boy Advance
Genre Simulation
Media Game Boy Advance Cartridge

Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town' (牧場物語ミネラルタウンのなかまたちforガール, Bokujō Monogatari: Mineraru Taūn no Nakama-tachi for Girls, lit. Ranch Story: Companions of Mineral Town for Girls) is the female version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

It is the third game that focuses on the female perspective (the other examples being Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl & Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life). It is one of the very few Harvest Moon titles to have a release be cancelled in PAL regions.

This game follows the pattern of a lot of Harvest Moon games - planting crops and raising animals. You may also befriend the numerous villagers of Mineral Town, and there are lots of optional events to view as well as many festivals to attend There is a choice of eight bachelors (five regular and three secret bachelors) to marry. 


The player is sitting alone in her apartment, thinking about how tired she is of her life in the city. She wants something new, and as she's looking in the newspaper, she sees an advertisement in the newspaper about a farm for sale.

She decides to purchase the farm, and goes there to see it. Upon arriving, she meets with the mayor, Thomas who is surprised to see that somebody has replied to the advertisement. Although the farm needs a lot of work, Thomas says that the people of Mineral Town are desperate for a person to revive the farm. The player decides to live on the farm, and the game then begins.

New Features

  • A farming degree system has been introduced. This system allows the player to collect points for meeting certain goals and doing certain tasks. The degree categories are: shipments, fishing, animals, villagers, cooking, building, equipment, letters, events and heroine. There are a total of 100,000 points to collect.
  • New events with villagers not seen in the original Friends of Mineral Town. Events are now worth event points. 


The main goals of the game are simple:
  • Upgrade the farm and make money by raising animals, collecting wild plants, fishing, mining, and collecting resources. Your farm degree can be increased by meeting certain goals.
  • Find a guy to court by interacting with him, giving him gifts, participating in "heart events" and in romantic festivals. Propose to him using the Blue Feather, and eventually have a child.
  • Interact with the people in town to strengthen your relationships with villagers. You can also connect to Another Wonderful Life (on the Gamecube) to interact with additional villagers.
  • Collect points towards your farming degree. 

Marriage Candidates

Like the male version of this game, you may choose to get married. In the female version, the previous male rivals now take the place as possible choices, leaving the previous possible wives the new rivals.

  • Cliff: A shy young man who has temporarily stopped in Mineral Town. He goes to the church every day in the beginning and lives at the Inn on the second floor. He will leave during the first year if he does not find a job. Your rival for Cliff is Ann
  • Doctor: His sole focus is in medicine. He likes to test out his latest medicines on available subjects and strives to try and cure people like Ellen and Lillia. He lives at the hospital and is found on the mountain on Wednesdays in the morning. Works beside his nurse Elli, who is also your rival.
  • Rick: A young man who works at the Poultry Farm. His mother is Lillia and his sister is Popuri. He has become the man of the house since his father left to find a flower in the desert to cure his mother. Is best friends with Karen, your rival for him.
  • Gray: A city boy that came to live with his grandfather and learn the craft of blacksmithing. He's very quiet and tends to keep to himself. He constantly complains about how his grandfather belittles him. Lives in the inn on the second floor and works at the blacksmith with Saibara. Goes to the library often to visit Mary, who will be your rival for Gray's affection.
  • Kai: Free spirited guy who only comes to Mineral Town in the summer. He works at the beach shop during the summer, and when he's in Mineral Town he stays at the Inn. Spends time with Popuri, who seems infatuated with him.
  • Gourmet: The rather large judge of the cooking festivals. A lover of fine cuisine. You'll find him at the Cooking Festival once a year.
  • Kappa: Found at the lake in the mountain (except for Winter). Throw a cucumber into the lake to see him. Will only accept cucumbers as gifts, will give the player a special power berry.
  • Won: He's a swindler and prefers beauties like Karen over the looks of your player. He lives at the beach in Zack's house. He sells goods (such as a Jewel of Truth for 50,000G and flower seeds) that you can use to earn money.

Gourmet, Kappa, and Won are all special bachelors. However, the Gourmet and Kappa will not live with the player, similar to the Harvest Goddess.

Like the previous game, you may request your spouse to be a stay-at-home one, however, you will not have that option with Won. If Kai is married, he will live in Mineral Town permanently. You may also have a child 90 days after marriage if you've kept your husband at a high love level. 


In Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, you start out with a dog and you can purchase chickens, cows, and sheep just like in Friends of Mineral Town. You can also receive a horse from Barley.


You begin the game with your dog. To raise his heart points, play Frisbee with him, play catch with him with your ball, let him sleep in the horses stable, and pick him up every day. You do not need to feed him and if you leave him outside during the winter or a hurricane/ storm, it will not affect him. In the summer you can particapate in a disk throwing competition with him. If you win, your Dog will have a crown on his Memo page for the rest of the year. Until he must defend his title the next year.


Caring for the chickens is the same as Friends of Mineral Town, fill up as many feed boxes as you have chickens, pick them up every day, take them outside when it's sunny, bring them back in before 8 pm, and when they're sick, give them medicine. Chickens are probably the most high maintenance animal, but they reproduce the fastest. To get an egg to hatch, you need, of course, the egg from an adult chicken (chicks WILL NOT lay eggs), once you have it, put it in the egg incubator (the little box filled with hay on the left wall of the chicken coop), and simply wait three days. You can only have as many chickens as you do feed boxes, for example, if you had eight feed boxes, you can only have eight chickens, but you can upgrade your chicken coop to have more feed boxes and two incubators. When your chickens are chicks, they can share a feed box with one of the adult chickens until they are adult chickens.


Once again, caring for Cows is the same as Friends of Mineral Town, you fill the feed boxes with hay, brush them daily, milk the adult cows, take them outside on sunny days, make sure they're inside before 8 pm, and of course, give them medicine when they're sick. Cows are fairly easy to take care of, just make sure their feed box is full and they're happy. The more heart points they have, the higher their milk quality is, so make sure you talk to them, brush them, and let them out to the pasture every day. Also, the more heart points you have, the higher chance they have at winning at the cow festival. To get them to reproduce, buy a cow miracle potion and use it on an adult, female cow. About a month after that, they will give birth to a calf. Like the chickens, you can only own as many cows as you have feed boxes.


Sheep are taken care of exactly like cows, but instead of milking it, you shear the wool off of it. To get a sheep to reproduce, do it just like you would for a cow, except use a sheep miracle potion instead of a cow miracle potion. The miracle potions can be bought from Yodel Ranch. 


You receive the horse when you become associated with Barley (you don't have to be friends with him yet), he will come to your house one morning and ask you if you will take care of his horse, if you accept, you get to name it and Barley will tell you that he will come back in a year to see how he is doing. To earn heart points, brush him every day, talk to him, let him outside, when he is an adult, feed him vegetables, and ride him around your farm. After one year passes, Barley will come back to your farm one morning and see how your horse is doing, if you have a maximum amount of heart points, Barley will let you keep the horse, but if you don't, he will take the horse, but don't worry, Barley will bring him back in a year and you get to keep the horse permanently. You can race the horse in the horse races, and bet on the horse to win prizes as well. The horse races take place on the 18th in the spring and the fall. 

Mineral Town Locations

Poultry Farm

A chicken farm ran by Popuri, Rick, and Lillia. You can obviously buy chickens here, you can also buy chicken feed and animal medicine. Through this, you can have chickens in your farm that lay eggs everyday for you to sell in the shipment box. Zack will get it by 05pm. You can also sell your chickens.

  • Shop Hours: 11am - 04pm, closed on Sundays

Buy Cost
Chicken 1500g
Chicken Feed 10g
Animal Medicine 1000g

Yodel Farm

A cow farm ran by Barley, May lives here too. Joanna, Barley's daughter, has left May under his care while she is exploring the world outside Mineral Town. Here you can buy cows, sheep, fodder, animal medicine, cow/ sheep miracle potion, animal medicine, and a bell. You can also sell your sheep and cows.

  • Shop Hours: 10am - 03pm, closed on Mondays
Buy Cost
Fodder 20g
Cow 5000g
Sheep 4000g
Cow Miracle Potion 3000g
Sheep Miracle Potion 3000g
Animal Medicine 1000g
Bell 500g

Blacksmith Shop

A blacksmith shop ran by Saibara, Grey is usually here. Here you can buy jewelry, the yarn maker, the cheese maker, the mayonnaise maker, more tools, and you can upgrade your other tools. Level Up Tools with: Copper-1000g Silver-2000g Gold-3000gb Mystrile-5000g Brush-800g Milker-1500g Sheers-2100g Makers: Mayonnaise, Cheese, Yarn-20000 Jewelery-1000g

Kai's Seaside Shack

A restaurant ran by Kai, only open in the summer, you can buy food here. It is just like the inn in town, you may not take the food home with you. 

Zack's House/ Won's shop

Zack lives here and Won runs a little shop here.


An inn run by Doug and Ann. Grey and Cliff stay here, Kai is here during the summer, and after you link to Harvest Moon- Another Wonderful Life, Van and Lou will stay here sometimes. Here you can order food during the day and at night you can buy drinks. Also, when you see an item on the shopping network, you can use the phone here to order it.

Use Phone:10g Food: Water-0g Box Lunch-500g Salad-300g Apple Pie-300g Cheesecake-250g Cookies-200g

Aja Winery

A winery ran by Manna and Duke. Here you can buy wine and grape juice. Grape Juice-100g


A library ran by Mary. You cannot buy anything here, but there are a lot of very helpful books available.

Grocery Store

A grocery store ran by Karen, Sasha, and Jeff. You can buy seeds, food items, and other miscellaneous items here. Seeds: Turnips-Spring Potatoes-Spring Cucumbers-Spring Onions-Summer Tomatoes-Summer Corn-Summer Sweet Potatoes-Fall Eggplants-Fall Carrots-Fall Grass-All Seasons Cooking Ingredients: Bread-100g Riceballs-100g Curry Powder-50g Flour-50g Oil-50g Chocolate-100g Dumpling Powder(Muffin Mix)-100g Miscellaneous Items: Basket-5000g Rucksack M-3000g Rucksack L-5000g Blue Feather-1000g


A clinic ran by Elli and Doctor. You can buy medicine or get a checkup here. Checkup-50g Medicine: Bodigizer-500g Bodigizer XL-1000g Turbojolt-1000g Turbojolt XL-2000g


A church ran by Carter. You can confess or remove a cursed tool here. Confession: You can only confess on Mondays Wednesdays, and rainydays between 1pm and 4pm Remove Cursed Tools-1000g

Wood Cutter's house

Gotz lives here. You can upgrade buildings on your farm here. You can also buy the town cottage.

  • House:

Upgrade 1: Cost: 3,000g Wood Required: 200

Upgrade 2: Cost: 10,000g Wood Required: 700

  • Barn:

Cost: 6,800g Wood Required: 500

  • Chicken Coop:

Cost: 5,000g Wood Required: 420

  • Bathtub:

Cost: 30,000g Wood Required: 580

  • Window:

Cost: 25,000g Wood Required: 300

  • Doghouse:

Cost: 20,000 Wood Required: 500

  • Mailbox:

Cost: 10,000g Wood Required: 200

  • Town Cottage:

Cost: 100,000,000g Wood Required: 999 Rose Square

This is where most festivals are held, The notice board and a trash can are also in this part of town.


The rest of the festivals are held here, some grasses can be collected here and the dock is a great place to fish in all seasons.

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