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Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands
Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Islands box
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Marvelous Interactive (Japan)
Natsume (North America)
Nintendo Australia (Australia)
Released Japan February 21, 2008
AmericaNovember 12, 2009
Europe December 3, 2010
Modes Single Player
Ratings A (All Ages)-Japan
E (Everyone)-North America
G (General)-Australia
3 (Suitable for ages 3 and older)-PAL Regions
Platforms Nintendo DS
Genre Simulation
Media Nintendo DS Cartridge

Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (牧場物語 キラキラ太陽となかまたち, Bokujō Monogatari: Kira Kira Taiyōu to Nakama-tachi, lit. Ranch Story: Shining Sun and Companions) is the fifth game released for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, fixing the faults in the game.


Welcome to the Sunshine Islands, an island chain brimming with life. Some say the islands are not everything they once were, though. Many years ago, a great disaster befell the islands. Could there be a way to restore them? Maybe you can find out, Player!

The islands are in peril! Years ago, a powerful earthquake struck the Sunshine Islands. In Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands, it's up to the player to raise the sunken islands by finding the magical Sun Stones. Raise the islands to meet new characters, harvest new crops, and befriend animals such as ducks, monkeys, and badgers. In Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands, players rejoin all of the beloved characters from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, and get to meet a number of new friends as well. Players will grow and harvest crops, care for animals, mine, fish, and compete in festivals in their quest to restore the Sunshine Islands to their former glory. With a little luck, they may even find true love and start a family along the way.


Unlike Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness where everything is done by using the touch screen, players can now use the buttons on the DS.


The animals from Harvest moon Island of Happiness have made a return and new ones have been introduced. These are the animals which players can keep:


In Sunshine Islands, you can have four different pets. Three of the pets will live on the pre-built pet stable in the northwest corner of your farm, and the fourth pet lives on Mushroom Island. The pet stable is not for chickens or cows. If you want chickens, cows, and sheep, you will have to hire Gannon to build a Poultry Barn and a Livestock Barn.

You will start your game without any pets. As you work on your farm and friendships, you will earn the right to own pets and trigger the event "A New Pet" or "Gannon's Secret".

When you unlock a pet, you are given a choice of colors. There is no benefit to picking one color over the other, so just choose the color you like the best. You can't swap your pet later if you like the other color.

All of the pets need to be fed every day. You can buy Pet Food from Mirabelle's shop for 10 G each. The pets will eat from the feed bins even if they are outside. If you don't feed your pets, then you won't raise your friendship with them and you won't ever win the festivals or receive Truffles. You can hand-feed the pig to gain affection point faster..


Most of the characters return from Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness, with a new bachelor and bachelorette for the main character. Their names are Will and Lily, respectively. Will is Sabrina's cousin and Lily is a treasure hunter.


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