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Harvest Moon: DS Cute


Harvest Moon DS Cute

Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Natsume
Released JapanDecember 8, 2005
AmericaMarch 25, 2008
Modes Single Player
Ratings E (Everyone)
Platforms Nintendo DS
Genre Simulation
Media Nintendo DS Cartridge

Harvest Moon DS Cute (牧場物語コロボックルステーション for ガール, Bokujō Monogatari: Korobokkuru Sutēshon for Gāru, lit. Ranch Story: Colobocle Station for Girl) is similar as Harvest Moon: DS.

It is the fourth game that focuses on the female perspective or view. Many glitches and bugs are fixed from Harvest Moon: DS in this remake as well as an added character called Skye and the option to have a female "best friend" instead of a husband (although this was removed from the North America version).


The game starts out with the Harvest Goddess and her Harvest Sprites standing over your bed while you are asleep discussing what to do with you. The Harvest Goddess says she promised your mother that she'd make you work. However, she decides that your character is too lazy, and gives up almost immediately. The Harvest King appears, surprising everyone, and is obviously not pleased with the Harvest Goddess's decision. They both insult each other, with even the Harvest Sprites joining in, until the Harvest King becomes furious and turns the Goddess to stone. The sprites are angry, and insult the King even more, to which he responds by banishing them. He leaves just as the character wakes up. The Witch Princess appears and informs you that it is your job now to get back the 101 Sprites and rescue the Harvest Goddess.


This game is set in Forget-Me-Not-Valley; the characters are mostly the same as in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. In this game, you start off with all the basic tools, and a necklace. You are not given any animal barns or house upgrades; you must build them by employing Gotz over the phone (another added feature in the Harvest Moon DS games).

Renovating the farm means you must remove all the weeds from the farmland, crush the rocks littering the ground and use an axe to chop up the tree stumps. You must also till the land and plant crops for profit, and keep animals to sell their produce. You can also grow trees and build basements to plant crops of all seasons in. Mainly, though, your mission is to find the Harvest Sprites and make a successful farm.

Also, in this game, it possible to court a husband and get married.

Player Character Questionnaire

When you start a new game the Harvest Goddess will ask you a series of questions. The answers you choose will determine if you play as Pony or Claire.

Question 1: Which do you primarily play, Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?

  • Gamecube (Pony)
  • Gameboy Advance (Claire)
  • Both (Random)

Question 2: Do you like blonde hair?

  • Love it (Claire)
  • It's okay, I guess  (Random)
  • Not really (Pony)

Question 3: How about ponytails?

  • I guess I like them (Pony)
  • Pigtails are better (Random)
  • Not really (Claire)

Question 4: Which do you like the best?

  • Mineral Town character (Claire)
  • Wonderful Life character (Pony)
  • I don't really care (Random)



Spring crops

  • Turnips: grow in 5 days.
  • Potatoes: grow in 8 days.
  • Cucumbers: grow in 10 days, you can harvest them again in 2 days.
  • Strawberries: grow in 8 days, you can harvest them again in 2 days.
  • Cabbage: the seeds are sold at the Sprite Casino shop, and grows in 15 days.

Summer crops

  • Onions: take 8 days to grow.
  • Pumpkins: take 15 days to grow.
  • Corn: takes 15 days to grow, you can harvest them again in 3 days.
  • Tomatoes: take 10 days to grow, you can harvest them again in 3 days.
  • Pineapple: the seeds are sold at the Sprite Casino shop, and grows in 21 days, you can harvest them again in 5 days.

Fall crops

  • Carrots: take 8 days to grow.
  • Spinachs: take 6 days to grow.
  • Eggplants: take 10 days to grow, you can harvest them again in 3 days.
  • Yams: take 6 days to grow, you can harvest them again in 2 days.
  • Bell peppers: the seeds are sold at the Sprite Casino shop, and grow in 8 days, you can harvest them again in 2 days.

Some tips about crops

You can plant crops the day before the season starts (i.e. plant Summer crops the last day of Spring).

Crops grow at different rates depending on which area you plant them. The figures above represent a normal growing rate for a regular field, like your farm. Crops grow one day faster near the mine and near the Sprite Station. They grow super fast (two days faster) underneath the waterfall (read the mining tips to know how to get there). They grow at a normal rate in your farm, and all the other fields are slow growth rate fields, so why grow stuff there?

You can also grow fruit trees and mushrooms.

  • Fruit trees are easy to grow. You have to dig a 2x2 plot with nothing around it to get in the way, and then plant seeds. The trees will grow in about 40 days, and they make fruit every other day in their season. (Bananas, Oranges, and Peaches grow in summer, and Grapes and Apples grow in Fall.) You start out with a peach tree on your farm.
  • Mushrooms have to grow in the mushroom house. It costs a bit of money to build, and it isn't a big money maker for the time you put in, so only do this if you really want to. You have to put a piece of wood lumber on one of the pallets in the mushroom house. Then, stand in front of it and sow seeds. Water the log each day. It takes over a season to grow just one. The longer you wait to pick it, the bigger it will get. There are three types of mushrooms, toadstool, matsutake, and shiitake. You have to buy shiitake seeds from Vesta, but the other two can be picked around the valley in Fall, and put into the seed maker to make seeds.

Leveling up crops

The seeds you buy from the stores are at level 1. If you sow more than one bag of seeds right on top of another (generally 2 bags is enough), there's a chance that some of the crops will be level 2 (more or less 3 crops out of 9 will be level 2). The next step to upgrade your crops is to upgrade your house first. Then, the option of building a Maker Barn will open up in Gotz's shop. Once you build it, get a piece of Adamantite from the mines and ask Gray to make a seed maker for you. Once it's finished, you can put some level 2 crops into it and make level 2 seeds. One crop will make one bag of seeds, so in order to get to level 3, you need to put at least two level 2 crops in. Then sow one bag on top of another, and you'll get some level 3 crops. Then you only have to repeat the process again and again. It's worth the effort, because leveled up crops sell for a lot more money (i.e. one level 10 turnip sells for 2000G!)

To level up fruit trees, it's the same process, except that you need to remember that there is only one "crop" to this planting, so you need to sow more than two bags to really ensure the tree will be leveled up. Then put the leveled up fruits in the seed maker, and plant a new tree with several bags. This process obviously takes a while. The same goes for mushrooms. You need to put down a lot of bags to make sure they level up.

Animals and Buildings

In this game, you'll have to ask Gotz to build barns, silos and lumber sheds for you, and they're not cheap. You can save some money if you chop and smash your own materials, but that takes time. You can't have more than 7 barns at one time, combining poultry and livestock.

  • Chickens. To get chickens, you have to build a bird shed and then buy a chicken from Chicken Lil's. You can grow your own chickens by hatching the eggs they lay in the incubator in the bird shed. Chickens hatched from eggs will start out with more affection for you than bought chickens. Each shed holds 4 birds.
  • Ducks. You have to build a pond on your farm before you can buy these from Chicken Lil's. Ducks lay eggs every other day. Other than that, everything is the same as chickens.
  • Cows. Buy them from Yodel Ranch. The ones you buy will take 14 days before they are old enough to be milked. You can also make them pregnant, and like chickens, cows born on your farm will start out with more affection. Baby cows take 21 days to mature to milking age.
  • Sheep. Buy from Yodel Ranch. You can shear them right away. They aren't old enough to make pregnant yet, though. Their wool grows back after 7 days. They must have a full coat of wool before they can get pregnant. You can get 6 balls of small wool each time from shearing by using the touch glove and just rubbing off a little at a time, and repeating.

In this game it's harder to make your animals love you. Some tips to make them love you faster is to keep them outside in a fenced area (where you have to grow grass for the cows and sheep to eat) every sunny day and keep them inside the barn when Winter comes. Just in case, keep some medicine for them. You can also hire some sprites from the Yellow team to love on your animals. They will make their affection raise much faster than you can do.

The more hearts a chicken or duck has, the larger egg it will lay. With cows and sheep, milking and shearing without the touch glove always results in small product, no matter how much they like you. The point of making your animals love you is to win their respective yearly contests, which will increase their level. Then you can breed that animal to get a leveled up baby animal. Animals can only level up once in their lives, no matter how many contests they win.


The biggest question everyone has is "Where is the fishing pole?" You have to go into Galen and Nina's house with nothing equipped in your tool spot. Galen will give you the pole if he's in there. If not, keep visiting until you catch him in there. You can only catch small fish with the pole as it is, but as you upgrade it, you can charge it just like other tools and catch larger fish. The good thing about the fishing pole is that it still only uses 2 points of Stamina each use, no matter how much you charge it.


In this list you'll find every event and birthday that you'll have in the game. The names with a colour next to it are Harvest Sprites (yes, they have birthdays). The birthdays include the Mineral Town characters' birthdays (remember that you will only see that characters if you have the MFoMT cartridge into the GBA slot while you're playing, except Kai, who will come every Summer anyway).


  1. New Year's Day
  2. Romana
  3. Gustafa, Woody (orange)
  4. Tricky (indigo)
  5. Sue (red)
  6. Celia
  7. Johnny (yellow)
  8. Harvest Goddess
  9. Rock, Kamar (green)
  10. Walter (blue)
  11. Carter
  12. Dr. hardy, Sante (purple)
  13. Chorori (blue)
  14. Spring Thanksgiving Festival, Rainy (blue)
  15. Chamy (red)
  16. Elli
  17. Rainy (indigo)
  19. Ridge (green)
  20. Chris, Nette (purple)
  21. Patty (blue)
  23. Kali (yellow)
  24. Marlin, Fry (indigo)
  25. ------
  26. Essa (red), Ali (green)
  27. Beta (yellow)
  28. Nina, Paddy (green)
  29. Lumina
  30. Canary (yellow leader)


  2. Ceruleano (blue leader)
  3. Popuri, Blue (indigo leader)
  4. Barney
  5. Muffy, Pompom (yellow)
  6. Cliff, Pierre (orange)
  8. Joro (blue)
  9. Forest (green leader)
  10. Skye, Betty (red)
  11. Ruby
  12. Laine (red)
  13. Griffin
  14. Misty (blue)
  15. Kate
  16. Kevin (green)
  17. Ann
  18. Takakura, Magic (red)
  19. Canal (yellow)
  21. Sammy (indigo)
  22. Kai, Wooly (red)
  23. Valie (orange)
  25. Thomas, Rosh (orange)
  26. Ali (green)
  27. Aiylee (yellow)
  28. Vesta, Anime (purple)
  29. Daryll, Flasher (indigo)
  30. Leia


  1. Van (he will never be in town for his birthday), Zoo (yellow)
  2. Gotz, Alpen (orange)
  3. Roli (blue)
  4. Mimi, Moor (green)
  5. Mick (red)
  6. Baby (white) --- (unconfirmed)
  7. Woohoo (red)
  8. Koto (purple)
  10. Wally, Rocky (orange)
  11. Maddie (blue)
  12. ------
  13. Vail (green)
  14. Gigi (indigo)
  15. Karen
  16. Ole (red)
  17. Violetto (purple leader)
  18. Tilus (orange)
  19. Dr. Trent
  20. Juna (purple)
  22. Oran (orange leader)
  23. Sebastian, Eviran (blue)
  24. Nami, Veggie (green)
  25. Yatch (indigo)
  26. Spirity (purple)
  27. Rick
  28. Hugh, Brushy (yellow)
  29. Murrey, Karaf (blue)


  1. Mukumuku, Whitney (purple)
  2. THOMAS'S WINTER REQUEST (cutscene, triggers every year), Riviera (indigo)
  3. Grant, Bali (red)
  4. Decoy (orange)
  5. Owen (blue)
  6. Gray, Powery (purple)
  7. Rod (indigo)
  8. Stony (orange)
  9. Galen, Fraw (green)
  10. Pedro (indigo)
  11. Kassey and Patrick, Meow (yellow)
  12. Red Ribbon (red leader)
  13. Carey (purple)
  15. Mouton (yellow)
  16. Flora
  17. Matthew (green)
  18. Reese (indigo)
  19. Bran (orange)
  20. Mary, Boohoo (yellow)
  21. Sacci (purple)
  22. Fen (orange)
  23. Paige (indigo)
  26. Keria
  27. Cady (green)
  28. Cody, Souly (purple)
  29. Witch Princess

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