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Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar

Harvest Moon DS Grand Bazaar box

牧場物語 ようこそ!風のバザールへ

Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Marvelous Interactive (Japan)
Natsume (North America)
Rising Star Games (PAL Regions)
Released Japan December 18, 2008
America August 24, 2010
Europe September 30, 2011
Modes Single Player
Ratings A (All Ages)-Japan
E (Everyone)-North America
3 (Suitable for ages 3 and older)-PAL Regions
Platforms Nintendo DS
Genre Simulation
Media Nintendo DS Cartridge
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Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar (牧場物語 ようこそ!風のバザールへ Bokujō Monogatori: Yōkoso! Kaze no Bazāru e, lit. Ranch Story: Welcome! To the Wind Bazaar) is the fifth title for the Nintendo DS and the nineteenth game in the Harvest Moon series.

It is considerably different from other games, as you grow all your crops and produce and then sell them at the bazaar every weekend. You compete with other vendors for higher profits and customers' satisfaction. If you make the most money, the highest customers' satisfaction, or both, you can get a prize the next day if you attend the results announcement.


Zephyr Town's bazaar was once the grandest in the world, drawing customers and peddlers from all four corners of the Earth. These days, though, the bazaar has more tumbleweeds than customers. Maybe you can turn its fortunes around! Raise animals, harvest crops, craft rare delicacies, and then sell them at your very own shop! Can you bring prosperity back to Zephyr Town?


  • One bag of seeds plants for one square of land.
  • If you don't water your crops, they will go dry and eventually wilt. 10 hours after watering, the soil will be dry again so you can water them twice in a day. The soil dampness is also reset the next day. The more you water them, the faster they'll grow.
  • Fertilizer can be used to raise the quality of a crop. It is highly recommended that you use it. The fertilizer sold at Raul's shop is low-quality, so making fertilizer in the windmill by your farm is best. Fertilizer is made from branches and weeds.
  • Stepping on your crops will decrease their quality, so be careful! Walking instead of running avoids this.
  • The grains growth cycles span about 2-3 seasons.
  • Seeds can be bought from Raul's shop (in the bazaar and out), Chen's shop, Sherry's shop (she only sells tree seeds), Felix's shop, and Diego's shop.
  • If you get the basement renovation from Gannon and a sun from Diego, you can grow crops in your basement.

Crop list


  • Turnip
  • Potato
  • Cucumber
  • Asparagus
  • Strawberry
  • Cabbage


  • Radish
  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Corn
  • Pumpkin
  • Pineapple


  • Eggplant
  • Carrot
  • Yam
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Green Pepper
  • Yellow Pepper

Trees and Vines

  • Tea: blooms in Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Olive: blooms in Spring
  • Cherry: blooms in Spring
  • Peach: blooms in Summer
  • Banana: blooms in Summer
  • Orange: blooms in Summer
  • Apple: blooms in Fall
  • Grape: blooms in Fall
  • Muscat: blooms in Fall
  • Blueberry: Blooms in Fall
  • Coffee: Blooms in Spring


  • Wheat (you can get it from Felix's stand at the bazaar starting year two)
  • Rice
  • Soybeans
  • Buckwheat

Bug Catching

You can catch bugs in this game, but you don't need a net to catch them. You use your bare hands instead. Some bugs will flee if you run towards them (e.g. fireflies), so be careful. Hit the L button on your DS and approach them slowly; for bugs on trees jump then click B (L must be toggled and there is still a chance bugs on trees will flee, while fireflies will not).

There are 85 different bugs in total, and frogs are counted as bugs.

The bugs are separated into 6 different categories (Cicada, Frog, Butterfly, Grasshopper, Firefly, and Dragonfly). Some are available during certain types of weather, certain seasons or times of day. Keep on the lookout.


There are rankings that go along with the amount of bugs you catch. They are as follows:

  • 10/85 = Bug Catching Lover
  • 20/85 = Bug Catching Expert
  • 30/85 = Bug Catching Chief
  • 40/85 = Bug Catching Ace
  • 50/85 = Bug Catching Celebrity
  • 60-85/85 = Bug Catching King


There are a total of five fishing spots in the game.

To fish, step up to a dock with your rod equipped and press the B button. Wait until you get a bite, then repeatedly press A.

A good fishing spot is the one in front of the cafe. Most fish there can be cooked and sold for more money.

The mayor will bring you a fishing rod on Summer 1st, free of charge. Better rods can be crafted by using the second windmill, or buy purchasing them from Felix.


Festivals start at 12 o'clock and are held at the town square.


  • 8th Flower Festival starts. Give as many flowers as you can to as many people as you can.
  • 12th Flower Festival results are announced. If you win, you will get a FP boost with the whole town.
  • 14th Spring thanksgiving (boys give girls chocolate). If you're a girl, enter your house from 8 to 12 AM, once per hour, and the four bachelors will come and give you cookies (in this order: Ivan, Dirk, Lloyd and Angelo). In the 2nd year, you'll also get Amir's visit between 12 AM-1 PM. If you're a boy and you forgot or were unable making cookies for the girls, Joan will be selling them if you visit the Café. Don't expect them to be cheap though.
  • 30th Tea Party. The mayor will give you tea on your first year, but you'll have to bring your own from the second year on. You'll be given a different dessert depending on how many stars the tea you donated had.


  • The 15th is the Animal festival. First year: cows. Second year: chicken. Third year: sheep. After the third year, it repeats. To win, you need an animal with a high heart level. When the race starts, tap A at a quick interval, but be careful not to do it too quickly or your animal will get tired. The prize for winning is a rare metal, such as Orichalcon, Mythril or Adamantite, and a FP boost with the whole town.
  • 28th Horse Racing Festival. On summer 2nd of your second year, the mayor will buy you a horse and Enrique will bring four of them to choose (brown, white, black or red). You'll see that there's an area which was blocked by huge boulders from the beginning of the game. After getting the horse, go there to trigger an event where Wilbur will open the path to the racetrack.


  • 15th Main course cooking contest. Bring the mayor your dish after 12 AM. A dish with 4 stars or more has a good chance of winning.
  • 16th Dessert cooking contest. (See the Main Course Contest above.)
  • 23rd Wine festival. The mayor will provide you with wine in your 1st year, but you'll have to bring your own from the 2nd year on. You'll get a different type of cheese depending on how many stars the wine you donated had.
  • 31st Pumpkin Festival. Kids will come to your house and ask for candy. They WON'T accept plain chocolate, you'll have to cook desserts for them. Cindy and Lauren only require one dessert for both of them. You'll get 1000 FP with each kid if you give them treats.


  • 10th Pet festival. 1st year will be dogs, 2nd year cats, and repeats. It's a race, like the Animal festival one, but your pet will be the one who competes. If you-re the winner, you'll be given a precious stone and a FP boost with the whole town.
  • 14th Winter thanksgiving (Girls give to boys). If you're a boy, enter your house from 8 to 12 AM, once per hour, and the four bachelors will come and give you cookies (in this order: Sherry, Antoinette, Freya, Daisy and Emiko).If you're a girl and forgot preparing the cookies, Joan will be selling them if you visit the Café. Don't expect them to be cheap though.
  • 20th Snowboarding Contest. On winter 2nd of your 1st year, the mayor will come to your house and give you a snowboard. You can now go to the hotel area and practice there. The contest day, you will go down the slopes on your snowboard while racing against CPU competitors. For the first year's course, you'll need a time lower than about 5.40 seconds to win. If you become the winner, the townspeople are sure to admire you and will all gain FP. You-ll also get a precious stone.
  • 24th Starry Night festival. The day before, speak to any bachelor/ette who's at least at blue heart and he/she will invite you. Don't be late!
  • 31st Countdown. A countdown in the square starting at 9 o'clock.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar happens once a week on Saturday. If there is an event (festival, etc.) on Saturday, it'll get pushed to Sunday. If there's an event on Sunday too (it happens in Autumn in your 1st year), there will be no bazaar that week. You can buy things as well as sell items at full price (unlike Raul's shop).

How does it work?

The mayor will show you to your first bazaar. You start out with three spaces to sell items. Select which items you would like to sell and wait for potential customers to walk by. Ring your bell with the B button to attract people to your stall. Once you've got a nibble, a customer will tell you how many of a particular item they would like to buy. Press A the same number of times as how many of the item they want to buy, and you've made your sale! You can restock your shelves whenever you run out of items or press X at any time. However, if you press the X button when someone is asking to buy something, they will leave.

Villagers and other characters may walk by and ask to buy something or consult you. A little text menu will come up with choices. There are lost children, chatty old men and even a young lady who's lost her glasses. On top of this, marriage candidates of either gender could walk by and stop to chat. By choosing the correct answer, you can increase their FP/LP by a little. Being a benevolent and perceptive shopkeeper will raise your customer satisfation and you can win prizes in that category during the morning-after annoucement.

You can also walk about and purchase things from other stalls. This is where the majority of your in-game purchases will be.

The next morning when you step out of your house, you will be invited to see who were the top three sellers of the bazaar and who had the highest customer satisfaction. Scoring in the top three will get you a prize.

Bazaar Growth

There are five levels of growth at the Bazaar. Each time the percent complete rises, a new target selling range will be set and new shops will open. Keep working hard to regain the bazaar to its former glory!

  • 0% - This is the level you start out with. Raul (seeds), Lloyd (ores), Joan (food), Felix (tools & various items), Enrique (animals), Wilbur (carpenter), and the wrapping paper lady will have stands at the bazaar. Profit goal: 15,000-20,000G. Total money to reach next level: 40,000 G.
  • 25% - Chen (ingredients & seeds), Gannon (other carpentry), Sherry (tree seeds), the furniture man, and the cooking appliance man will open their stalls. Profit goal: 40,000-50,000 G. Total money to reach next level: 450,000 G.
  • 50% - Claire (food), the fortune teller, the lottery, and Isaac's Info Stand open. Profit goal: 80,000-100,000 G. Total money to reach next level: 1,500,000 G.
  • 75% - Nellie (food), the coin lottery, and Diego (rare items, seeds, & ores) will open up their shops. Profit goal: 150,000-200,000 G. Total money to reach next level: 5,000,000 G
  • 100% - Unkown Profit goal: 500,000-600,000 G.

Once you reach bazaar level 100%, the profit goal is just for earning the prizes from Felix during the weekly results.

The expansion of the bazaar is based on your total overall profits and not the fact that you happen to of met the weekly goal. Once you have earned enough total money, the bazaar will expand.

If you skip the bazaar results, and you've earned enough money to expand the bazaar, the bazaar WILL NOT expand. Felix's weekly speech and feedback is required attendence if you want to expand the bazaar to its next level. After you have earned enough profit to expand, the next time you go to the results meeting the mayor will tell you about the new expansion.

Potential Spouses


  • Sherry
  • Antoinette
  • Daisy
  • Emiko
  • Freya
  • Antoinette -  Antoinette is Claude's daughter. She rarely shows her true feeling and always has a cool yet serious look on her face. She may open up to you if you befriend her. She likes to make accessories and loves cherry tea. She also likes frogs and black tea, but hates fish.
  • Daisy - Daisy is a maid employed by Stuart and Ethel. She has a very passionate and loving feeling toward cleaning. She hates bugs and alcohol.
  • Freya - Freya is a metropolitan girl. She is very forward, and will tell you straight forward if she does or doesn't like something. She likes pretty things and unsweetened alcohol but hates Tempura.
  • Emiko - A foreign girl with a rough tongue. She can be unlocked by coming out of your house during the 2nd year after 9:00 PM, she's very aloof, but will tell you when she likes something.
  • Sherry - The mayor's daughter. She is very kind and is always smiling. Even though she grew up without a mother, she tries her best to cope with her father and not complain.


  • IvanGo to Ivan's Page
  • DirkGo to Dirk's Page
  • LloydGo to Lloyd's Page
  • AngeloGo to Angelo's Page
  • AmirGo to Amir's Page
  • Angelo - An artist who likes to paint, eat a lot, and pursue his interests. He hates weeds and alcohol, though he loves flowers.
  • Ivan - Dirk's older brother who works as a teacher in the village and in an unamed city teaching kids. He is very determined and likes flowers, though he hates sweets and dry curry.
  • Dirk - Ivan's younger and more energetic brother. Like his brother, he is determined. He has a positive attitude and is liked by everyone. He pays attention to what he likes and ignores what he doesn't. He likes things like bronze and all tea leaves, though he doesn't like fish, curry bread or salad.
  • Lloyd - A successful merchant who doesn't let relationships get too serious; he always knows the latest gossip and always stands out from his surroundings. He leaves on Tuesdays and doesn't come back until Thursday.
  • Amir - A foreign prince who is a bit meek and very polite. He speaks of his home and family frequently. He usually spends most of his time in his room in the hotel. He likes milk and homemade food, though he hates fancy food.



To get married you must do the following:

  • Receive the blue feather from Stuart and Ethel, after you pass the second year and you have at least one potential spouse to an Orange Heart Level.
  • After you upgrade the bazaar you must buy a double bed for 10000G
  • You can only propose if the future spouse has a Red Heart Level.
  • You must have seen all four heart events
  • To marry some of the candidates you have to befriend certain villagers. These people are below:
  • Sherry - Must have Felix (her father) and Lloyd to three hearts
  • Daisy - Must have Stuart and Ethel to at least three hearts
  • Antoinette - Must have Claude (father) to three hearts at least
  • Ivan and Dirk - Must befriend the other brother to at least three hearts
  • Emiko - Must have given her at least 120 gifts
  • Lloyd - Must have Felix and Sherry to at least three hearts

Normal weddings are held at the town square, in front of the whole village. There are no special wedding outfits.

If you marry Emiko, the wedding will be at the shrine, where she lives.

If you marry Amir, the wedding will be at your house, with only you two and Felix attending.



The girl child

To have children you must:

  • Be married
  • Have your spouse to a Red Heart Level
  • You must buy a deluxe bed for 30,000 G from the "bed man" at the bazaar (this is only available after marriage)
  • After 30 days of having the deluxe bed, you or your wife will become pregnant
  • After 60 days your wife or you will have the baby (NB: in this game the baby's gender is not set when you get married, but when the baby is born, so YOU CAN PICK UP THE GENDER by reloading your game)

Your child as a toddler this what the girl and boy will look like

  • About a year and 10 days after your child is born, it will begin to walk around.You can now give him/her presents and talk to him/her. Kids like all kinds of fruit and love pudding, which is easy to cook (you only need milk and eggs).
  • A year after they begin to walk around the child will 'grow up'. There are two different child graphics: a blonde girl with purple eyes, and a brown-eyed brunette boy.They won't grow older than this. There is a cute little scene of you and your child playing together that you can see after your child has grown up and gotten to ten hearts. Enter your house at any time to trigger the scene.


  • If you pre-order the North America version of this game from participating websites in 2010, you will get a collectible horse plushie with the game.

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