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Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness

Harvest Moon DS Island of Happiness box

Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness (JP)

Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher Marvelous Interactive (Japan)
Natsume (North America)
Nintendo Australia (Australia)
Released Japan February 1, 2007
America August 26, 2008
Europe December 12, 2008
Australia March 26, 2009
Modes Single Player
Ratings A (All Ages)-Japan
E (Everyone)-North America
Platforms Nintendo DS
Genre Simulation
Media Nintendo DS Cartridge

Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness (牧場物語キミと育つ島, Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima, lit. Ranch Story: The Island Grows With You) is a farming simulation game developed by Marvelous Interactive and published by Natsume.

It is the fourth Harvest Moon game on the DS. Like previous titles in the DS series, Island of Happiness utilizes the stylus, and also features WiFi capabilities.


You can choose to play as a male character, Mark or a female character, Chelsea. Your character is an aspiring farmer who wants to begin a new life on a far away island. The story starts with the player boarding a ship that will take him/her from the city to an island to start a new life. While you are on the boat, there's a bad, violent storm at sea and the ship you are in was hit by a lightning and gets destroyed.

A man named Taro finds you on the beach and checks on your character, waking him/her up. He was on the boat with the rest of his family, and you are all now shipwrecked on this island. Taro takes you to the top of the island and finds an old abandoned ranch. He asks you if you want to be the rancher of this island. You will automatically agree.


All movements and actions are done using the touch screen, with the D-Pad used to change/equip tools and items. The game uses Wi-fi to enable an online farm ranking service and an online voice chat session using the DS Microphone.

The characters of Island of Happiness are all new characters to the Harvest Moon franchise. Additionally, there are some characters to unlock when you meet certain requirements such as building up the island or getting a certain item.

Marriage Candidates

Island of Happiness features 6 marriage candiates for Mark and Chelsea to court and marry. Four of the marriage candidates (Witch Princess, Mark, Shea, Chelsea) have no rival.


    • NatalieGo to Natalie's Page
    • JuliaGo to Julia's Page
    • LannaGo to Lanna's Page
    • SabrinaGo to Sabrina's Page
    • Witch PrincessGo to Witch Princess' Page
    • ChelseaGo to Chelsea's Page


  • ElliotGo to Elliot's Page
  • DennyGo to Denny's Page
  • VaughnGo to Vaughn's Page
  • PierreGo to Pierre's Page
  • SheaGo to Shea's Page
  • MarkGo to Mark's Page

Marriage Requirements

In every Harvest Moon game, there are requirements to get married. Here is the list of requirements for IoH:

  • You have met all main characters.
  • Have your house fully expanded.
  • Own the big bed.
  • Buy the Blue Feather.
  • You have seen your marriage canidate's black, purple, blue, and yellow heart events.
  • You have unlocked the church.
  • The candidate you want to marry must have a red heart.


Instead of collecting 101 Harvest Sprites like in Harvest Moon DS and DS Cute, Island of Happiness persuades you to develop and improve the island to lure various people to settle in the island. There are over 90 villagers to collect, with 70 of those being faceless characters that requires you to complete some tasks in order for them to unlock. The faceless characters are also known as the "Sub-Villagers".

Main Villagers

  • Alisa - This lovely nun arrives in the island with the priest, Nathan. They set up the Church in the island. The two of them will watch over the Harvest Goddess' pond and hopes to guide others in the ways of the Goddess' teachings.
  • Charlie - Charlie is Chen's son. He and Chen moved to the island on the second day in the game. If ever
    Ioh characters

    L to R, Regis, Shea, Gannon, Taro, Eliza, Wada, Nathan

    you need to upgrade your tools, Charlie will be responsible to that. He can attach your Wonderful stones to your tools to upgrade.
  • Chen - He is Charlie's father and is the shopkeeper in the island. If you befriend him enough, He will give you a horse for free. On Fridays, Chen leaves the island to restock the items in his shop and does not return until 3:00 pm.
  • Eliza - She is Gannon's daughter, one and only child. She likes to play with Charlie, and has a secret crush on him. The two of them hang out on the beach a lot.
  • Felicia - Felicia is the mother of Natalie and Elliot. She handles the out
    Ioh characters 1

    L to R, Vaughn, Cliff, Trent, Denny, Lanna, Pierre, Sabrina

    bound shipping with her family, and likes to gossip with Mirabelle when she gets a chance.
  • Goddess - This lovely Goddess lives in a pond next to the island's church. You can find her by taking an item and tossing it into her pond.
  • Gannon - Gannon is Eliza's father. He is the owner of the island's Carpentry shop. Gannon also sells tools with more slots for more Wonderful stones so you can power tools up.
  • Mirabelle - She together with her daughter Julia, manages the island's Animal shop. She likes to take care of animals and was looking for a new place to set up shop.
  • Nathan - Nathan is the priest in the island. He and his assistant, Alisa, manages the Church. The two helpers will start out by the Goddess Pond in the forest.
  • Regis - Regis owns a mining company. He spends most of his time troubling his mind on his day-to-day business. His daughter, Sabrina, is the apple of his eye; as any proud father, he believes she is the most beautiful woman around.
  • Taro - He used to be a farmer back in the days of his youth, but now he's busy keeping an eye on his grandkids, Elliot and Natalie. Taro picks up your shipping every day and sends it off the island.
  • Wada - Wada and his adopted son, Shea, live in the Jungle area of the island. If you become good enough friends with him, he'll grant you access to his tower.

Mineral Town Villagers


Island of Happiness boasts a large amount of secondary characters. They do play a small part in the game since you have to have a certain amount of guests on the island for certain events to happen. Sub villagers can be unlocked by shipping items, fishing, mining and even upgrading roads! Different building's will be upgraded and unlocked, if you have more Sub Villagers!

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