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Harvest Sprites are characters from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

In the fountain area, you'll find strange mushrooms called Welcomush which grow in front of a large tree. If you eat it, you will get teleported inside the tree, where you see the harvest sprites: Nic in blue, Nak in red, & Flak in yellow.

Mr. Pots

In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, if you are still in chapter 1, clicking on the large middle pot that is behind Flak 100 times, you will be able to ask Mr. Pots to grant you a wish. This wish will be related to the gender of your child. Talk to one of the sprites to choose whether you want a son or a daughter. By default, your child will always be a boy unless you choose to have a daughter instead. This option is not available in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.