The Harvest Sprites are characters in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility who, upon having their recipes fulfilled, are able to unlock various areas of the island up for the public via rainbows, therefore bringing in new characters to Waffle Island.



Tree and Flower: Town Square, near the Town Hall.

Unlocks: West Gull Island and Toucan Island.

Ingredients Required for Recipe: Apple, Carp, Common Seashell, Good Herb Fish and Grilled Yam.



Tree and Flower: Maple Lake District, near Toby's house.

Unlocks: Base of Mt. Gelato.

Ingredients Required for Recipe: Char, Good Tomato, Green Herb, Grilled Eggplant and Plain Omelette.



Tree and Flower: West Gull Island.

Unlocks: West Gull Island.

Ingredients Required for Recipe: Banana, Blue Wonderful, Perfect Spinach, Red Wool Yarn and Saury.



Tree and Flower: Brownie Ranch.

Unlocks: Peak of Mt. Gelato.

Ingredients Required for Recipe: Carrot Cake, Green Bell, Ostonnaise, Toadstool and Wood Fish.



Tree and Flower: Top of Mt. Gelato.

Unlocks: Goddess Tree.

Ingredients Required for Recipe: Lapis Lazuli, Perfect Honeydew, Red Honey, Snowflake (Flower) and Tuna.

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