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Hayden (ハーパー Hāpā, lit. Harper) is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Hayden is Kathy's father and a bartender at the Sundae Bar. He is somewhat dismissive, and if you befriend him, he will tell you Kathy's mother passed away when she was young. Like Kathy, his favorite gifts are cocktails and pizza.

When he is not at the bar, you can usually find him on the steps by the tuna outside On The Hook.


  • "Howdy."
  • "Nice day, huh?"
  • "Nice night, huh?"
  • "Ah... You're looking healthy!"
  • "I heard Dr. Jin and Anissa got married. They're a great pair."
  • "I heard Calvin and Phoebe got married. They'll make a great pair."
  • "The year's almost over."
  • 1 Heart: "When you're done with work for the day, come on down to the bar."
  • 2 Hearts: "It's my job to give people a place to kick back and put their feet up."
  • 3 Hearts: "Great food feeds the soul! Always remember that."
  • 4 Hearts: "You gotta have some snacks to go with your drink! You can't beat good food and a good drink."
  • 5 Hearts: "How do you like Kathy? Hope you two can be friends!"
  • 6 Hearts: "She may look rough, but Kathy's a sweet girl. And a good daughter. "
  • 7 Hearts: "I raised Kathy by myself after her  mother passed away, and I think she turned out pretty well. But maybe I'm just a proud parent."
  • 8 Hearts: "I don't really care if the bar makes a lot of money. As long as Kathy and I have enough to eat, I'm happy."
  • 9 Hearts: "It's part of my job to listen to the stories of everyone who comes to the bar. Everyone has to have someone to listen to their troubles.."
  • Spring: "Spring makes your heart sing."
  • Summer:
  • "It's already summer."
  • "Don't just sit around and eat cold food during Summer! Get out and get some exercise!"
  • "It's a beautiful day. So refreshing."
  • "Rainy days are so nice and calm."
  • "Oh! That's great! Thank you! I really appreciate it!"
  • "Hmm, this isn't really my thing..."
  • "That's enough for today. You should ship that out to make some money!"