The Herbs can be found in the Mountain during Spring, Summer, and Fall, and sell for 100 G. They can be sold, eaten for stamina points, or given as gifts.

In Spring, you'll mostly find Blue herbs in the forest, and Orange and Yellow herbs at the beach.

In Summer, Red Herbs and Blue Herbs in the forest/mountain, and some Purple herbs at the beach.

In Fall, Red and Green Herbs in the mountain, and Indigo herbs at the beach.

In Winter, there's only 2 White herbs. One in the forest, and one behind the church.

Black herb can be found using your hoe in the mine all year long.

Red Grass - 10 Stamina +05 Fatigue

Orange Grass +0 Stamina -0 Fatigue

Yellow Grass -05 Stamina -05 Fatigue

Green Grass +0 Stamina -02 Fatigue

Blue Grass +10 Stamina -01 Fatigue

Indigo Grass +20 Stamina -01 Fatigue

Purple Grass +05 Stamina -02 Fatigue

Black Grass +03 Stamina -05 Fatigue

White Grass +05 Stamina -10 Fatigue

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