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HoLV cooking

HM: HoLV cooking

Cooking has always been a part in any Harvest Moon game. In Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, there are a lot of differences in cooking from other Harvest Moon games in the series. You can put in any ingredients to the utensils you have for at most 3 items. But you must first upgrade your utensils from Louis' shop for 1,500G/3,000G and 1 silver ore/1 gold ore.

Kitchen Utensils

Fying Pan Small available at the start
Pot Small available at the start
Mixer N/A bought from Louis' Item Shop for 2000G
Oven N/A bought from Louis' Item Shop for 1500G
Pot Medium upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 1,500G & 1 silver ore
Pot Large upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 3,000G & 1 gold ore
Frying Pan Medium upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 1,500G & 1 silver ore
Frying Pan Large upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 3,000G & 1 gold ore

Cooking Recipes

For cooking guide, here are the complete list of recipes that are available in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley:

Name Selling Price Ingredients No. of Ingredients Kitchen Utensil
Strawberry Jam 160 G Strawberry 3 Pot
Cranberry Jam 100 G Cranberry 3 Pot
Blueberry Jam 100 G Blueberry 3 Pot
Veryberry Jam 140 G Veryberry 3 Pot
Mixed Jam 110 G Veryberry, Blueberry, Cranberry N/A Pot
Orange Marmalade 130 G Orange 3 Pot
Apple Jam 120 G Apple 3 Pot
Stewed Apple 120 G Apple 1 Pan
Cheese 500 G Milk S or Milk M or Milk L 3 or 2 or 1 Pot
Butter 500 G Milk S or Milk M or Milk L 3 or 2 or 1 Mixer
Cheese Risotto 600 G Rice, Olive Oil, Cheese N/A Pot
Hot Milk 180 G Milk S N/A Pot
Yogurt 350 G Milk S or Milk M 2 or 1 Pot
Fine Cheese 600 G Milk G N/A Pot
Onion Soup 100 G Onion N/A Pot
Gazpacho 200 G Tomato, Onion, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Cream of Mushroom Soup 250 G Mushroom, Milk N/A Pot
Mushroom and Rice 330 G Mushroom, Rice N/A Pot
Carrot Soup 230 G Carrot, Milk N/A Pot
Chestnut and Rice 220 G Rice, Chestnut N/A Pot
Cream of Corn Soup 190 G Corn, Milk N/A Pot
Tomato Cream Soup 180 G Tomato, Milk N/A Pot
Porridge 210 G Potato, Milk N/A Pot
Stew 300 G Milk, Butter N/A Pot
Croquette 250 G Potato, Olive Oil, Breadfruit N/A Pot
Buttered Potato 260 G Potato, Butter N/A Pot
Tomato Risotto 280 G Tomato, Rice, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Pumpkin Soup 240 G Pumpkin, Milk N/A Pot
Steamed Gold Potato 210 G Gold Potato N/A Pot
Spinach Risotto 310 G Rice, Spinach, Olive Oil N/A Pot
French Fries 360 G Potato, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Mashed Potato 90 G Potato N/A Pot
Minestrone Soup 200 G Tomato, Onion N/A Pot
Boiled Corn 80 G Corn N/A Pot
Fried Corn 80 G Corn N/A Pan
Egg Custard 290 G Mushroom, Fullmoon Berry, Egg N/A Pot
Monkfish Stew 310 G Angler, Carrot/Potato/Corn/Pumpkin/Tomato/Spinach N/A Pot
Fried Squid 180 G Squid, Breadfruit N/A Pot
Squid Rice 220 G Squid, Rice N/A Pot
Chicken Grunt Vinegar 330 G Chicken Grunt (fish), Miso, Herb N/A Pot
Fried Hunchen 350 G Hunchen, Breadfruit, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Marinated Sardines 290 G Sardine, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Pickled Char 200 G Char, Rice N/A Pot
Porgy and Rice 270 G Porge, Rice N/A Pot
Fried Shrimp 330 G Prawn, Breadfruit, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Canh Chua 280 G Blotched Snakehead, Tomato, G. Herb N/A Pot
Fried Leatherfish 200 G Leatherfish, Breadfruit N/A Pot
Grouper Stew 340 G Kelp Bass, Potato, Vegetable (any), Carrot N/A Pot
Fried Clams ??? G Clam N/A Oven
Clam Chowder 280 G Clam, Milk (any size) N/A Pot
Marinated Salmon 280 G Salmon, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Salmon Cream Stew 330 G Milk (any size), Butter, Salmon N/A Pot
Miso Mackerel 280 G Miso, Mackerel N/A Pot
Spanish Mackerel 360 G Mackerel, Spinach, Prawn N/A Pot
Pike Rice ? Pike (fish), Rice N/A Pot
Seafood Stew 350 G Milk (any size), Butter, Fish (any type) N/A Pot
Seafood Risotto 360 G Rice, Olive Oil, Fish (any type) N/A Pot
Marinated Octopus 360 G Octopus, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Cod Soup 340 G Cod, Miso, Carrot N/A Pot
Dark Sleeper Stew 320 G Vegetable, Miso, Dark Sleeper Fish N/A Pot
Marinated Herring 270 G Herring, Olive Oil N/A Pot
Tiger Globefish Stew 340 G Globefish, Vegetable (any type) N/A Pot
Stewed Masu Salmon 240 G Salmon, Honey N/A Pot
Boiled Octopus 90 G Octopus 1 Pot
Boiled Egg 80 G Egg 1 Pot
Fried Egg 80 G Egg 1 Pan
Loaded Omelet 300 G Egg, Any year round vegetable or herb N/A Pan
Boiled Lobster 140 G Lobster N/A Pot
Marinated Smelt 230 G Smelt (fish), Olive Oil N/A Pot
Fried Smelt 180 G Smelt (fish), Onion N/A Pot
Stewed Fish 120 G Salmon/Rainbow Trout N/A Pot
Broiled Catfish 110 G Catfish 1 Pan
Broiled Chub 60 G Pale Chub 1 Pan
Broiled Loach 70 G Loach 1 Pan
Broiled Squid ??? G Squid 1 Pan
Triangle Soup 240 G Salmon, Vegetable (any type) N/A Pot
Loach Stew 260 G Loach (fish), Egg N/A Pot
Bouillabaisse 240 G Tomato, Fish (any type) N/A Pot

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