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A horse in HM: AWL

Your Horse, much like your dog , acts as a pet that is usually obtainable early in each Harvest Moon game.

Horses can serve as a portable shipping device when equipped with saddle bag. which saves time when harvesting.

Harvest Moon GBC3, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, and Harvest Moon: Animal Parade all offer up to eight horses, instead of the usual single horse.

Friends of Mineral Town

The character Barley will visit your farm early in your first year and ask if you are interested in his foal. The young horse will take 120 days (roughly a year) to mature, and Barley will return to check on your progress with the horse. If the affection level is low, Barley will take the horse back, but if he is satisfied with your horse's happiness, he is yours to keep, and you will be able to ride it on your farm, as well as using it as a portable shipping box.

Back to Nature

Main article: Horse (BTN)

By the time the player went to the Yodel Ranch an event will be seen that the player might be give a pony by Barley. The pony should be taken care off and always be brushed. Otherwise, Barley might take away your Horse at the 2nd year.

Tree of Tranquility

The horses come in 4 colours: Brown, Red, White, and Black. The colour of horse you get from Hanna is chosen at random as is the colour of the foal if the Miracle Potion is used. Horses are only a form of transportation and do not produce an income unless the Miracle Potion is used and the resulting foal is sold.

Animal Parade

The horses in Animal Parade also come in four colors: White, Black, Grey, and Brown. The default colour you receive upon purchase from Hanna is Grey. These horses (as well as the other animals) can part-take in the Animal Festival. They are ridable upon gaining 5 hearts and, unlike Tree of Tranquility, you do not have to purchase the saddle.​

Harvest Moon DS

To get a horse you need to ship 1000 items and Takakura will give it to you as a gift it is only brown and you keep it in the stable which you get at the start of the game

Magical Melody

Horses can prove very trusty companions in this game and will help you get around the map alot quicker, see more people and give you the chance to win the horse note for winnign the spring horse race. To get one you will need a barn, this can be bought at Woody's Workshop and will take a few days to build, after that you will have to visit Hank's shop where you can buy a foal and feed it fodder untill it has grown to an adult so you can ride it. to do this you will have to pick up the reigns from the toobox and press 'z' next to him, walk past the barn exit so that the horse is the horse is adjacent, after this, press 'B' (for barn-if it helps you to remember) and the horse should leave. step out side and press 'z' once more next to him and you'll jump on and will be able to ride away. you should ride up to the harvest godess falls every day (mainly to re-gen health after picking crops) and back again, this is a great way to do more within the day and add stars to your horses name. you can get up to ten stars on a horse, this shows how well they can run and will allow you to compete in the higher, harder races and increases your chance in winning and your horses stamina.

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