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Game A Wonderful Life Special Edition
Cost none
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Horse - an animal which can be obtained from Takakura for free. It will happen on Summer 1st around 12PM provided that you have sold at least one item (otherwise Takakura will give it to you in Fall). There are a few color variations: grey, white, chestnut, light brown and dark brown; they are assigned randomly.
The horse does not need to be fed or taken into the barn when it rains - it will never get sick. However, if you want to raise his heart level you have to talk to him, brush him and feed him. You can also wash him when his coat looks dull. He can be mounted right away, without a saddle or anything. He can only walk and gallop. It is of course more efficient to gallop all the time since the horse does not tire and it is the fastest way of traveling in the game.

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