The Horse in Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is less useful than in other games when it comes to harvesting, since it has no saddlebags.  It is more useful for travelling, however, since it can be ridden off your farm.

Acquiring a Horse

You get a horse by getting a lot of friendship points (one through two hearts) with Charlie and Chen.  Once you have gotten enough friendship points, they will come to your door in clear weather one morning and give you a horse. 


The horse in this game requires brushing, as usual, and feeding also.  The horse's trough is in the Barn closest to the entrance to your farm, where your dog also lives.  It eats one bag of pet food per day.


The day before the Horse Festival, the animal shop owner will ask if you wish to enter your horse in the contest.  If so, she will take your horse and return it after the contest.  If your horse has 7 or more hearts, you are likely to win the festival and earn a Wonderful stone.  Either way, your horse will receive a title based on how well you've cared for it.

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