Base house

Starter House

The House is a type of farm building in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. It is where the player can watch the news, fix a meal (after remodeling) and rest (in order to advance in-game days). Gotz, at the Woodcutter's House, can remodel the player's House two separate times. The default House includes a Bed, Diary, Television, Bookshelf, and Toolbox. Further upgrades allow Cooking, additional storage, and the ability to get married.

The main features of the House include:

  • Bed/Diary - End the current day by skipping ahead to the next day, Saving (writing in your diary), Loading a game file (Reading Diary), or Deleting a game file.
  • Bookshelf - Basic farming information.
  • Toolbox - Stores all of your tools, starting at basic set and then to include other items such as Brush, [Fishing Rod (BTN)|Fishing Rod]], Milker, etc.
  • Television - Your television receives four channels. Press the directional buttons to choose a channel. The Weather Channel and News Channel will alert you to upcoming events, but the Farmer Fran show has advice and tips on how to maximize your farming performance.
  • Calendar - The calendar on you wall displays all of the important holidays for each season. The shipper won't pick up crops on holidays. See also: Calendar of Events.


Gotz, at the Woodcutter's House, can remodel the player's House. In order to expand the House, the player will first need to upgrade the Chicken Coop.

1st House Expansion

The first House expansion costs 4,700G and 370 Lumber. It includes the following features:

  • Kitchen - Cooking interface. Use this to cook and learn recipes. The player does not need to know the recipe, as long as the correct ingredients and utensils are used.
    • Cabinet - Storage space for non-food items such as Ores, Flowers, Recipes, and other miscellaneous items.
    • Refrigerator - Storage space for crops, and most other food items.
  • TV - The TV Shopping channel becomes available on Saturdays, allowing the player to order kitchen Utensils, as well as a Power Berry.

2nd House Expansion

The final House expansion costs 10,000G and 750 Lumber. When the upgrade is complete, the player is allowed to get married. Won will visit to sell the player a Vase (only one chance to buy it). Adding flowers to the Vase will increase a spouse's affection.

The second House expansion includes the following features:

  • Bedroom - Separate bedroom now has two beds.
  • Fireplace - Decreases Fatigue.

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