A Love of Animals

This is the first memory achieved after you score one note with Hunter.

  • "Huh... (your name)...?"
  • "...Beg y'all's pardon. I ain't much for makin' small talk."
  • "...Y'all's animals doin' awright?"
  • "...If y'all got any trouble with th'animals an' don't understand somethin', I'll lend you a hand."
  • "Animals, they can tell when a human's fond of 'em..."
  • "A happy animal will...well, y'all can get high-quality products from 'em."
  • "Shucks...I ain't no slick talker, but, when it comes to animals, I'll talk with y'all any ol' time..."
  • "When I was a young'un, I saw a big ol' cow. Big, but real gentle. Friendliest cow y'ever saw..."
  • "Ever since then, I've been real fond a' animals...cows, 'specially..."
  • "Do y'all like animals too...? I'd be mighty pleased to hear it if y'all do."

Hunter at the Bar

This memory will be triggered after you achieve 1 note plus!

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