This article is about Irene, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Irene, a character from Animal Parade.
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When your wife or you wake up one morning, you or your husband will tell you to go to the clinic. You will meet Irene, Jin's Grandmother. When you and your wife/husband get there, she will tell you/your wife a baby is on the way. Later, after the child is born she will give you a free bed for the child. She will then congratulate on your baby's arrival.


  • "Oh, good morning."
  • "It looks like a ferryboat has arrived. I wonder if it brought any new residents here to the island."
  • "It's still so hot outside. I hope it'll cool down soon."
  • "What a fine day it is today."
  • "You're looking well today, ___."
  • "Oh, it's you. Don't overwork yourself."
  • "Phoebe and that young explorer got married. I guess they are a well-matched couple."
  • "Renee and that young fisherman got married. Those two are both mellow, and will likely make a good couple."
  • "I heard that you had a baby. Treasure this time, because children grow so fast."
  • "Nothing is more comforting than a baby."