This article is about Jake, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Jake, a character from Animal Parade.
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Jake is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Jake runs the Sundae Inn with his wife Colleen.


  • "Good afternoon."
  • "I've heard someone new came to the island. I wonder if the person lives near Maple Lake. I hope they visit our inn."
  • Your birthday: "Happy birthday. Here's to a wonderful day, too."
  • "Congratulations. I heard you proposed. I sincerely congratulate you."
  • "You finally became a parent, ___. Congratulations."
  • "Dr. Jin and Anissa got married. Good for them!"
  • "Calvin and Phoebe got married. I didn't expect Calvin to settle down here."
  • Spring: "What a nice season. It's been mild and the wind has warmed up. It's so comfortable."
  • Fall: "It's been fairly cool outside. The view of the foliage is great. And the view of the Fall sky is magnificent."
  • Winter: "It's been pretty cold."
  • Winter: "I like staying inside the house during Winter."
  • Sunny: "There are so many things to do on sunny days."
  • Rain: "Rain and humidity are not good for houses and furniture. You should leave some space between furniture and the walls."
  • "I feel like we have more visitors on rainy days. Maybe it's the warm atmosphere here that attracts people."
  • "It seems like you're taking care of your health. That's good."
  • 1 Heart: "A well-regulated diet makes for a healthy body. Please visit us for meals any time."
  • 2 Hearts: "It's actually not good to eat out all that often, but I'm always happy to see you whenever you come by."
  • 3 Hearts: "Keeping the inn clean is a top priority. I want our visitors to be able to relax in a clean environment."
  • 4 Hearts: "Our bar opens at night, so lots of people gather here. Stop by whenever you're in the neighborhood, and get to know some people."
  • 5 Hearts: "My mother cooks for the restaurant, and Colleen cooks for my family. They're both great chefs, but I like Colleen's cooking better! Of course, if I don't say that, I'll get in big trouble."
  • 6 Hearts: "My mother and Colleen are good cooks, but Maya's poor cookin skills are downright depressing. Poor girl..."
  • 7 Hearts: "Going to bed early is a good habit for life. You don't want to collapse from exhaustion."
  • 8 Hearts: "It's been about 20 years since I opeed this inn. It was only a tiny inn in the beginning. There were some difficult times, but all memories become good ones in time."
  • 9 Hearts: "I'd really like Maya to take over the inn someday, but she has her own dreams. If the inn closes when I retire, that's just the way of life."
  • 10 Hearts: "Thanks to the inn, I was able to meet Colleen, my wonderful wife. I believe that was the greatest joy of my life."
  • "What's this...? Thank you for giving me something so wonderful. Thank you. I'm very happy."
  • "That's enough for today."