Has both a shop and a farm in another town.
Town Flowerbud Village
Liked Product All Products
Appearances MM, MLS
This article is about Jamie from My Little Shop. You may be looking for Jamie, a character from Magical Melody.

Jamie (リオン Rion) is a character in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

They own a very successful farm and shop in another town. They take it upon themselves to play the role of mentor to the player by giving them advice and lessons about running the shop.

Because Jamie is gender-neutral, they are the only character who you can give the clover necklace to no matter who the player picks to play as.


  • In the GameCube version of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, no matter what gender you played as, Jamie was the opposite gender (making them marriageable). This is why Jamie is depicted as having an ambiguous gender.

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