• Loves Line: "I'm not particularly happy."
  • Likes Line: "Are you flattering me? Humph."
  • Neutral Line: "Humph."
  • Dislikes Line: "This is harassment."

Heart Lines

  • 1st line: "No matter how hard you try, it's futile. I'm going to save her, so."
  • 0 heart line: "Well, do the best you can."
  • 1 heart line: "Don't rely on them. I'm talking about Harvest Sprites. They have no power."
  • 2 heart line: "Even if we have the same goal, I refuse to join forces with you."
  • 3 heart line: "No matter what anyone says you're alone in the end. One and all!"
  • 4 heart line: "I get annoyed just looking at your silly face!"
  • 5 heart line: "Even if you rely on others, nothing good comes of it. The only one who can help you is yourself!"
  • 6 heart line: "Let's get something straight. Whether you're in trouble or whatever, I have no intention at all of helping you."
  • 7 heart line: "If you don't become strong... you can't protect anyone... or anything!"
  • 8 heart line: "It's no good to forcibly impose your feelings. I feel like you have to love yourself in order to love people."
  • 9-10 heart line: "Hah! I hate you. My heart wrenches when I see you... and I feel strange. ...Don't talk to me."


  • Rainy day line below ?? hearts: "I hate rain."
  • Rainy day line above ?? hearts: "She also hated the rain..."

Other Lines

  • Walk on to Jamie's farm for the first time: "I don't know what those rascals did to stir you up, but I'm not gonna lose to you! Remember that! How long you gonna stay there daydreamin'? You're a nuisance! Get outta here!" 
  • At the Egg Festival: "No matter how hard you try, it's futile. I'm going to save her, so." 
  • Saying goodbye: "Leave me alone."
  • When shown yor baby: "What? You boasting? Humph!"

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