Below are a list of several quotes said by Joe during the course of the game Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.


Introductory Line: "Hey, you don't look familiar. You can't possibly be here on vacation...Um... ...Oh, so you're that old farm guy's grandson. You're here to collect his stuff? I'm Joe, by the way. I don't think we'll know each other for a long time, but nice to meet you."

  • "Hey, good morning!"
  • "Hey, you're here to fish?"
  • "Good morning. Don't you love the air in the morning?"
  • "Gwen comes to wake us up every morning. It's nice of her, but she's not really gentle..."

Parting Lines

  • "Have a good rest."
  • "Yeah, later."
  • "I'll see you later, ___"

General Quotes

  • "Lumber can be used for the fireplace and to heat up water for the bath. But it doesn't get that cold in these parts."
  • "Hey. You might've guessed, but mking lumber's pretty hard work.
  • "There are lots of birds and animals here. I wonder if it's because Gwen looks after them?"
  • "I'm not too keen on sweet stuff. I get sick of them after a while."
  • "Don't you love fishing? It's kinda relaxing."
  • "Fishing is like my only hobby."
  • "I go to the bar quite often. You should swing by if you have the time."
  • "I know I should get to bed early, but I usually end up staying up late."
  • "I love watching burning wood. I like the smell of it too."
  • "The things the boss says are pretty insightful. I guess you do get wiser as you get older."
  • "Kurt often goes to deliver stuff to the villa in the forest."
  • "Say your Grandfather used to be here, right? Did he ever tell you stories about this place?"

After Animal Death: "...Well, what's done is done. Just don't make the same mistake again. Don't be so hard on yourself."



  • "Fishing's not great when it's raining."


  • "What the heck are you doing out on a day like this?"
  • "Take care of your own farm instead of wandering around. Are you worried about us? This shack is not as weak as it looks."

Gift Reactions

  • "Hey, thanks."
  • "Thanks, but wouldn't you have rather sold it to a shop for money?"
  • Ores: "The boss or Kurt would like that."
  • Fodder: "Uh, no thanks."
  • Cooked Food: "You made this? I'm impressed. Thanks, man."
  • Herbs: "I'm not too keen on things made from this stuff."
  • Berries: "These remind me of when I was a kid."
  • Flowers: "....So, who do you want me to give this to? Oh, I get it. Alright, leave it to me!"
  • Golden Eggs: "What the heck kind of egg is this? A golden egg? You can't be serious..."
  • Failed Dishes: "Whoa! How could you carry around stuff like that? Get rid of it."
  • Multiple Gifts: "I don't need this much. You're just like an old lady who gives out stuff all the time.."

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