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Jonathan Branch
Jonathan Branch
Family Vanessa (Wife)
Lionel (Son)
Simon (Son)
Becky (Daughter)
Appearances IL

Jonathan Branch is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Jonathan is head of the Branch family. He lives at the family ranch with his wife Vanessa and three children Lionel, Simon and Becky. He is seen working at the ranch tending to the animals during the daytime. At night, he goes to the bar and drinks with Marco and Charles. On Saturday evenings, he shops at the supermarket with his wife and daughter. On Sundays, he and his son Lionel eat lunch at Masami's bar. 

After breaking the blue seals around the Easter Ruins, the player can speak to Jonathan to start unlocking the ability to have animals. He will give the player various machines that will allow chickens, sheep and cows to be kept on the farm. Jonathan will also reveal that the Fisherman knows how to tame wild horses.

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