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Rival Karen
Moves Out When If you do not befriend him or if Karen moves away.
Appearances HM64, BTN, FoMT, HMDS, MLS
This article is about Kai, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Kai in his other appearances throughout the series.

Kai is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

Originally from a poor town, Kai left his family (and five brothers) to come to Flowerbud Village and resides in the Vineyard where he works. Kai is a very hard working and kind person who tries his best to understand the troubles of the family he works for. While street smart, Kai mentions that he has some things to get used to since he is now living out in the country.

Kai is an excellent swimmer and will usually win the Swimming festival. He always wears his trademark violet bandanna. True to his occupation, Kai is fond of wine and anything that can be used to make it. If you give Kai a veryberry, he will give you the recipe for Veryberry Wine.

Kai will be your competition should you choose to marry Karen, the daughter of The Vineyard Owner. He even states one of the reasons he stayed in Flowerbud was because of Karen. He often tries to console her when she is upset as well as help her to understand her father's feelings. If the two get married, they will live together at the vineyard and have a child together. 

If you neither marry nor become friends with Karen, then she will eventually leave to the city and never return. If you are not good enough friends with him, Kai will also leave to follow after her. If you want Kai to stay or get married, then it is suggested that you become friends with both of them.


  • Sunny Days: Outside at the Vineyard
  • Rainy Days: Inside the wine cellar
  • Nights: At the bar


  • Very Berry
  • Wild Grapes

Rival Events


  • Karen will have gotten into another fight with her father outside her home, and Kai will suggest she try to reconcile with him.

Karen is Drunk

  • Karen is drunk on the floor of the empty bar, and Kai will help her to get home safely.
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