• Introduction: "Hey, who're you?! What're you doing here? Oh, ____, is it? I'm Kevin. I'll let you be my sidekick if you want. Ha ha ha ha! I know it's a major honor. You're welcome, ____!"
  • Morning: "Morning, ____! You look sleepy!"
  • Evening: "Oh... ____... *yawn*... I'm sleepy."


  • "Cindy and Lauren are really funny. They look alike, but they act like total opposites."
  • At home: "Man, I wanna play something. Hide and seek? Tag? What to do....?"
  • On hotel screen: "Now where to go next? Somewhere with lotsa bugs!"
  • Town centre: "This town is protected by Felix. He takes down bad guys with muscles of fury!"
  • Waterfall screen: "What kind of bug should I catch this time? Something that Mom will hate... Heh heh heh heh..."
  • At the race track: "This place is awesome!!! So much room to play!"
  • During a snowstorm: "It's snow!! Yes!!! Snow is so awesome!
  • During a typhoon: "Hurricanes are amazing. I went outside, and the wind almost carried me away! Mom totally freaked out!"
  • After a storm: "That was fun yesterday! Such awesome weather. I was so excited that I couldn't get any sleep!"
  • Bazaar day: "Hey, you should buy something for me! No? You cheapskate!"
  • After the bazaar: "I guess the bazaar is over now. So how did my sidekick do today?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Awesome!! Is this for me? Oh, you're just showing me?
  • After you are married: "It's gotten so boring since you got married. We don't hang out anymore."


  • Loved: "Yes! This is neat! Thanks."
  • Disliked: "Is this a joke, ___!? This stinks!"
  • Birthday Gift: "A birthday present? Yes! You're a great sidekick! Ha ha ha!"
  • Multiple Gifts: "I'd feel bad taking anything else from you today. So I don't need it now!"
  • When given a tool/rotten item: "Woah! That looks important!"
  • Declines a gift: "I don't want it. Hmph!"

Heart Lines

  • "Farm have animals, right? I should visit sometime!"
  • "You're really funny, you know? How...? Like how you react when you fall for one of my pranks."
  • "Felix is so cool. I'll bet he could wrestle a bear! Or a tyrannosaurus!"
  • "My parents are always yelling at me. "Stop with the pranks!" But pulling pranks is a kid's JOB."
  • "We've been friends for a while. But you still have a lot to learn. There are many layers to pulling pranks."
  • "You're pretty awesome, ___! I'm upgrading you from sidekick to partner!"


  • Before the start of a festival: "Hey, ____! Today's gonna be great!"
  • You lose: "And I thought that you were gonna win..."
  • You win: "Not bad, ____! You didn't let me down!"

Flower Festival:

  • "You better give me a bunch of flowers!"
  • When given a flower: "For me? Thanks, ___!"

Wine/Tea Festival:

  • "You were really something today!!"