Gift Responses


Oh, this is a fine thing. It's a present for me?
Hmm, this is very good. MC, I'm grateful to you.


This is a present for me? Then I'll accept.

Crop Festival

Beginner Vegetable, Win

I'm fired up to see the fresh vegetables at the festival.
After this, I'll check their nutritive values at home. ...It's for my research!

Advanced, Win

MC, congratulations. I'll praise you for getting this far.
I'm sure that you're aware that this is not your final destination.
Don't forget to improve every day. That's all I have to say.

Vegetable, Win

I'm fired up to see the fresh vegetables at the festival.
After this, I'll check their nutritive value at home. ...It's for my research!

Flower, Win

Look at these flowers! They soothe my heart.
You can bring them to the festival, but I want Magic Blue and Red flowers.

Cooking Festival

Intermediate Fried and Boiled, Win

It has long been said that food and medicine have a very close connection.
Indulging in delicious food that is good for the body is inseperable for health.
Judgement in the Cooking Festival keeps these points in mind.

I still cook sometimes, but it is difficult.
Thinking about the changes that the raw ingredients undergo when heated, or the reactions when mixing spices.

Congratulations, MC. But since it's the intermediate class. I'll have to add a disclaimer to that.

Cow/Chicken Festival


I am a doctor who heals people, I am not interested in cows.
I don't like animals much, but that is what relationships are about.


I don't like chickens. No. I hate them. So I'd like to leave soon.
I don't hate eggs, but I hate chickens.

Beginner, Lose

What happens when you underestimate the beginner class and let your guard down. Go back and start from scratch.
I'm not interested in animals, but you should show them a little more love. First, you have to change your attitude.

Beginner, Win

Congratulations, MC. But since it was the beginner class I'll have to add a disclaimer to that.

Music Festival

Sometimes I hear some pleasant music, but a moment later, I am in deep sleep.
Therefore, I think the performance in the Music Festival is comforting to me.

Fireworks Festival

Fireworks are always pretty, but I get a little sentimental.
I remember the days as a child when I could enjoy them without other thoughts.

Who did you watch the fireworks with?
No it doesn't matter who you watched them with, because I am sure it was fun as long as it was with somebody.
Watching nighttime festivals like the Fireworks Festival alone... No never mind.

There is something that's bothering me. Who made the fireworks, and who launched them?

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year, ...but really, I can't fathom anything to celebrate...

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