Below are a list of several quotes said by Kurt during the course of the game Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.


Introductory Line: "...Where did you come from? I see. My name is Kurt.. I'm an apprentice at the Carpenter's."

  • "...Good morning."
  • "...Hey."

Parting Lines

  • "See you later."
  • "....Good luck."
  • "Good night. See you later."

General Quotes

  • "What do you want?"
  • "...What do you want? It's so early."
  • "Shouldn't you be working?"
  • "...Don't stay up too late."
  • "You should stop and smell the flowers once in awhile."
  • "I lose track of time when I'm walking around."
  • "There aren't so many houses around here, so we don't have much work to do."
  • "You shouldn't wander around too much."
  • "We used to fix furniture too, but not any more."
  • "We don't have much to do except for making and delivering firewood and fixing houses."
  • "We don't have much work, but... I'm always learning new things."
  • "The Boss says Joe and I are far from being profressional carpenters anytime soon."
  • "My hobby is engraving and making pottery."
  • "The Boss and Gwen are good people. They treat us like family."

After Animal Death: "...There's no use crying over spilled milk. Just don't do it again."



  • "I like rainy days."


  • "Don't go wandering around. You might get blown away."

Gift Reactions

  • "I appreciate it."
  • "...Thanks."
  • "Thanks."

Tomatoes/Tomato Dishes: "It looks delicious. ...I like tomatoes. Thanks."

Flowers: "I like flowers but I don't like getting them from guys."

Ores & Gems: "You could sell this for a high price... Are you sure you want to give it to me? Then I'll gladly take it. Thanks."

Cooked Dishes: "You made this? You must have a secret talent."

Sweets: "I don't like sweets that much, but it takes your tiredness away."

Herbs: "Oh, thanks. This is good for you if you put it in your tea."

Failed Dishes: "I don't want it. Take it back."

Multiple Gifts: "I only need one of these."

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