Friendship Lines

  • 1: Hey, _____. How do you like the town? I'll help you out any way I can, so let me know if you have any problems or questions.
  • 2: Good food makes you happy, right?! ...Except when you eat too much, and then you regret it. I've gotta watch out for that.
  • 3: Whether I'm on or off the clock, I'm always looking up at the sky and tracking changes in the weather conditions.
  • 4: My younger sister, Melanie, is...mature for her age. I don't know where she learns the things she picks up, sometimes.
  • 5: I'm on all kinds of shows besides the weather, y'know. Sometimes, it's hard to know which gigs to take and which not to. I want to get my name out there and advance my career, but I also want to focus mainly on weather forecasting. Hmm...
  • 6: A lot of things happened back when I first took this job... But all things considered, I think I made the right choice to stick with it. What I do at work helps people.
  • 7: You know what I like about you? You treat me like a real person and not just some character on TV. ...I really appreciate that. You're good to me. Let's always be this good to each other, yeah?



Moo-Moo Festival

  • If the main character loses: Oh, hey _____. You did good up there today. Going home already?
  • I bet the milk from the winning cow is super delicious, huh? I wonder what it tastes like. Now I want to try it.


Fishing Tournament

  • If the main character loses: You might not have won, but I think you did a-okay, _____. Fishing looks like it's really hard. Maybe there's some kind of trick to it?
  • I heard a few of the contestants talking earlier. They said they wound up fishing up a whole lot of empty cans. Is that true? If it is, then that'd mean there are people throwing trash in our river. Why can't they just throw it in the trash can? It takes zero effort—even children know how to do that. It's sad to think there are people who can't be bothered to throw their garbage away. What's wrong with them?
  • If having a better fishing pole means a better chance of catching more fish... Then I guess it's probably your advantage to get the best pole you can before the contest. Y'know, fishing is actually kinda complex. It's not just throwing a hook in the water. It might be too much for a newbie like me.