• First introduction: "I haven't seen you before. Can I help you? Oh, you must be the new person that I heard about. Me? I'm Lloyd. Good to meet you."
  • Morning: "Morning."
  • Morning (when married to Lloyd): "Morning, ____. Ready for the day?"
  • Afternoon (when married to Lloyd): "Hey, look at the time. There's lots of work to do."
  • Evening: "It's pretty late. You should get home."
  • Evening (when married to Lloyd): "Done with work? Care for a massage?"


  • "Hmmm.. What to do today...?"
  • "Hmm? Sorry, I've got a lot on my mind."
  • "Busy? Don't work too hard."
  • "Are you just wandering around bored? I hope you're not slacking off. We all have to work hard for the bazaar!"
  • "I have items that I need shipped in for the bazaar. I hope they arrive in time."
  • At the cafe: "Are you thirsty? This place makes some great drinks."
  • At Raul's: "Hmm.. What to buy...?"
  • At Felix's: "I owe the Mayor. He lends me his home. And Sherry has looked after me too." 
  • After a storm: "Hmph. That storm yesterday was a pain." 

At the bazaar:

  • "I'm busy setting up my shop right now.. Things haven't been selling well recently.. We're not making a profit at this rate..."
  • During the bazaar: "Hey, I'm really busy. I can't chat now."
  • During the bazaar (when married to Lloyd): "I'm busy right now. Can it wait?"
  • "I've got some great items for the bazaar today."
  • After the bazaar: "Phew. I sold a lot today. I'll have to restock for the next bazaar."


  • Favorite: "Thanks, ___. This is the best."
  • Birthday: "For me? A birthday gift? Thanks, I appreciate it. You made my day."
  • Liked: "Hey, nice. Thanks."
  • Disliked: "Uh, this is weird. Thanks... I guess..."
  • Horror: "Uh... Are you kidding? It's a joke, right? Real funny.."
  • When given a wrapped gift: "For me? I'm hesistant to open it..."
  • Offered multiple gifts: "Huh? Another gift? Nah, I shouldn't."

Heart Lines

Note: Lloyd's heart lines can be seen by speaking to him at home.

  • Black Heart: "Hm? What is it? Do you need something?"
  • Purple Heart: "So is your job to wander around the town?"
  • Blue Heart: "I sell some things that might help you out. Come see me at the bazaar."
  • Green Heart: "This town really feels like my home these days. I hope you feel the same way, ___."
  • Yellow Heart: "It's amazing how much your skills have grown, ____. You look like a real farmer these days."
  • Orange Heart: "You're always working. That's a good thing. Seeing you work inspires me to work harder."
  • Red Heart: "____, I'm glad that I met you. I just feel comfortable around you. We have a great friendship."

Marriage Lines

  • Picking nicknames: "It's the first chapter in our new life together. Would you like me to call you by a nickname now? So I'll call you ____. You're sure? It's set. I'm really happy, ____...."
  • "I'm really lucky to be married to you, ____. Thank you for your love and support."
  • "____... you mean everything to me. Sorry. That was pretty corny."
  • "Heh.. Married life is wonderful. I never thought I could be this happy."
  • While outside: "The air here is energizing, don't you think? Maybe people get used to it after a while... But I still notice it."
  • While outside (late at night): "What is it, ___? It's really late. Don't worry. I'll be home soon."
  • During a typhoon: "Wow. You're out in this weather? You should take the day off today."
  • During a snowstorm: "That's really quite a snowstorm. Watch your step. You don't want to slip."
  • After a storm: "That was quite a storm. I was worried about the house."
  • When shown your dog/cat: "It's cute. I like animals. They're innocent, you know?"
Pregnancy Event

Lloyd: "What's wrong? You don't look well. I'll get Claire to come take a look. Stay right here!"

Claire: "Don't worry. I'm here. Let's just take a look at you, dear."

Lloyd: "What is it? ...Is it curable?"

Claire: "Calm down. It's nothing bad. In fact, it's great. She's pregnant!"

Lloyd: "Wow... A baby... We'll be a family. This is great. Think it'll look more like me, or more like you? How exciting!"

Claire: "Call me when you're close to giving birth. I'll come right over."

Felix: "Yes, Claire'll make sure the baby's delivered safely."

Lloyd: "Thank you so much!"

Claire: "Well, I'll be on my way. Stay strong and healthy, ___."

  • You are pregnant (early stage): "A father.... What do I do....? I guess worrying won't help. If I do my best, it'll be fine."
  • "____, you OK? You should relax. You shouldn't be working. Just leave it to me."
  • You are pregnant (late stage): "We're getting close. I feel good about this. I'm here for you and our child."
Your Child Grows Up

Lloyd: I want so who you something, ___. Come here, <child's name>.

Child: "Good morning, Mom! ♥"

Lloyd: "Doesn't <child's name> look more grown up now? Now that ___ is older, I thought we should get ___ some new clothes."

Child: "I really like these! ♪"

Lloyd: "I'm glad that you like them."

Your Anniversary (Before Child)

Lloyd: "Welcome home, ___. Today is our anniversary. You remembered, right? I've got a meal prepared for us over here. What do you think? Not bad, right? It's our special day today, so let's enjoy this together."

Your Anniversary (With Child)

Lloyd: "Welcome home, ___. Today is our anniversary. You remembered, right? I've got a meal prepared for us over here. What do you think? Not bad, right? It's our special day today, so let's enjoy this together."

Child: Mommy, Daddy, happy anniversary! ♪"

Lloyd's Birthday (Before Child)

Lloyd: "It's my birthday today. Let's celebrate. Please come over here. So... um... I was thinking... I wanted today to be special, so I cooked all this. Let's start eating before this all gets cold!"


  • Before a festival starts: "What festival is this again?"
  • You lose: "It happens. Don't worry about it."
  • You win: "Well done, ____. Congratulations."

Harmony Day:

  • Boys give to girls: "You have a minute, ____? Today's Harmony Day. You know that, right? ___, this is my gift to you. Good bye."
  • Boys give to girls (if you've given winter Harmony gift): "___, you got a minute? You gave me a Winter Harmony Day gift... So I brought this Harmony Day gift for you. I hope you like it. Good bye."
  • Boys give to girls (you are married to Lloyd): "Good morning, ___. I've got something to give to you today. I wanted to give you a present... to show my thanks. Anyway, let's make today a good one!"
  • Girls give to boys: "Oh, for Harmony Day? Thanks, ____."
  • Girls give to boys (you are married to Lloyd): "Ah, Harmony Day. Thanks, ____. ♥ I hope you aren't giving Harmony Day gifts to anyone else... Just kidding. "

Flower Festival:

  • "____, who are you giving flowers to?"
  • When given a flower: "For me? Thanks."
  • When given a flower (if married to Lloyd): "For the flower festival? You're sweet, ____."

Cooking Festival:

  • You don't enter a dish: "You didn't compete?"

Tea/Wine Festival:

  • "Thanks for today, ____."

Starry Night Festival:

  • You are married to Lloyd: "Hi there, ____. Today's the Starry Night Festival. I've got a surprise. Just trust me and take a seat. I cooked a meal for us. Surprised? Hee, good. I'm glad I made it. Let's dig in."