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Birthday Summer 7th
Unlock By DLC
Appearances TLV, SoM
This article is about Luke, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Luke, a character from Seeds of Memories.

Luke is a character in Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley available via DLC (downloadable content). He is one of the eligible bachelors to court. 

He is traveling to study herbs and how to make medicine from them. He has herbs such as basil, lavender, chamomile, ginger, some garlic, and etc in his bag that carries around with. He is also a big fan of tomatoes and said to to like all kinds of vegetables.


Luke's Medicine 1

  • Need 3 Spinach
  • Reward: 10 Purple Pansy Seeds

Luke's Medicine 2

  • Need 5 Broccoli
  • Reward: 10 Red Cabbage Seeds, 2 Material Stone

Luke's Medicine 3

  • Need 5 Cabbages, 5 Strawberries
  • Reward: 10 White Berry Seeds, 5 Berry Blend

Luke's Medicine 4

  • Need 5 Onions, 5 Celeries
  • Reward: 10 Baby Spinach Seeds, 2 Material Stone

Luke's Medicine 5

  • Need 5 Tomatoes, 5 Corn
  • Reward: 10 Huge Cabbage Seeds, 2 Rainbow Trout

Luke Medicine 6

  • Need 5 Green Peppers, 5 Wheat
  • Reward: 10 Fodder Corn Seeds, 5 Corn Blend

Luke Medicine 7

  • Need 5 Hot Peppers, 5 Carrots
  • Reward: 10 Purple Potato Seeds, 2 Material Stone


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