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Lumina's Child is a possible child of the player if they marry Lumina in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition.

The child will automatically appear at the start of the second year. His overall appearance reflecting that of Lumina's. The attitude and career he will take is up to you, depending on how you raise him. The child will be easier to influence during childhood, but will have identity crisis during the teen years of his life. During these years, he will briefly mention that h is attracted to Kate and asks for advice.

During the conclusion of the game, the main character passes away and he is deeply affected by this but continues on with his life. His career is also determined.


Lumina's child is more inclined to music and art, with a mild interest in exercise and farming. He/she is not very interested in scholarly pursuits, or tending to animals. Of the four children, Lumina's child will be the most rebellious as a teenager.


Toddler Stage

Lumina's child is quite active at this age, albeit they will never leave the house, opting to 'Wissen to music' instead. He/she will often protest going to bed, and doesn't ask to get picked up as often as the other toddlers. Later in the year, Lumina's child may develop a fondness for plants, or drawing in his sketchbook. One thing to note, Lumina's child will be afraid of chickens at this stage.

You child won't accept gifts at this stage, but you can show him tools or items to get a reaction out of him, and to sway his interests. This is the most important stage in your child's life to change his personality and interests in the future.

Lumina's Son (Chapter 3)

Child Stage

At this stage, Lumina's son becomes quite active, spending a long time outdoors and coming home in the evening. He/she's quite optimistic and cheerful, often making remarks about the people in the Valley. He often makes remarks about Kate and seems to be on good terms with her. He no longer fears chickens, but has a strong dislike of them.

The gifts that he/she enjoys will depend on how you've raised him. He will accept gifts, but his reaction will differ. He/she can also be shown items and tools to see what his reaction is. It's still important to try and change his interests if you want him to have a certain career before he/she moves on to the next stage of his life.

Lumina's Son (Chapter 4)

Teenager Stage

At this stage in your child's life, his personality will begin to take shape, and will vary greatly from player to player. His interests are very clear, as you'll see when you go to their room to check his diary and look at the decorations. Their dialogue will differ, as well as their patterns.

Regardless of interests, Lumina's child will be very rebellious, rude, and angry at his parents. Often making aloof remarks, and not understanding what it means to be grown up and mature. He/she'll rarely smile, and will be up and about the valley, preferring to come home late. If you've left his/her choices up to them, he/she will be interested in music and art.

The gifts he/she will enjoy depend on how you've raised them. And the reactions they get from being shown tools will change also. You can still influence him into the career choice you want to at this stage, but it may be harder now if that particular career path has low skill.

Adult Stage

Now that your child is fully grown, all of his interests and personality is fully molded. Your son will now make a career choice, based on how you raised him.

He/she has moved from his rudeness into maturity, make him somewhat optimistic and cheerful, like when he/she was a child. He/she will seen smiling more often than when he/she was teenager, and now gets along with both parents.