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Birthday Spring 29th
Age 14
Family Romana
Rival Rock
Appearances AWL, AWLSE, HMDS
This article is about Lumina, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Lumina, a marriageable character from the special edition for the PS2. Lumina also appears in Harvest Moon DS.

Lumina (Leona in the Japanese version) a villager in the regular version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. She is a bachelorette in the special version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the PS2.

Best described as the shy and talented granddaughter of Romana, Lumina is also a very talented girl. She loves to paint and plays the piano, becoming better during later years the game. Her grandmother aspires that Lumina grow up to be a famous pianist. She is under a lot of pressure by her grandmother and finds it difficult to live up to her expectations at times. Although she can become frustrated, she loves her grandmother very much. She is known to be pretty shy at first, but if you befriend her, she will eventually open up.

Becomes Lumina is one of the only young people in the valley during Chapter 1, one of her only other friends in the valley is Rock, who she can be seen hanging out with in several events throughout the game. Rock seems to have a crush on Lumina, but the two will never get married, even in the special edition. When Lumina is not in the mansion, she likes to take walks through the valley.

Lumina's parents died when she was young, but her grandmother Romana took her in and brought her to the valley to live with her in the Villa. She now lives with her and their butler Sebastian. She is one of the characters who ages very dramatically throughout the course of the game as she blossoms into a young woman.

Befriending Lumina and Romana will affect your son's interest in music and can possibly influence him to become a musician when he grows up. If married to Nami, your teenage son will express having feelings for Lumina, but it's not known if the two end up together or not.


Liked Flowers, Golden Wool, Moon Ore, Strawberries, Strawberry Cake, Sweet Potatoes, Marinade, Records
Disliked Fodder, Fish, Artifacts, Milk, Tomatoes, Gold Coins


Chapter 1 - She has shoulder-length hair, tucked behind her ears, with bangs which are held in place by a yellow headband. Her wardrobe consists of a short-sleeved, white tee-shirt with an orange, yellow-rimmed sailor-style collar and dark blue jeans along with plain, red sneakers. She is quite short in comparison to the player.

Regardless if you marry her or not, she will grow up the following chapter.

Chapter 2 - Lumina is now taller after a growth spurt, her hair style has changed, and she now wears a patterned yellow dress. Her face appears to be much more mature and she looks more like a young lady than a teenager. This is the appearance that she will maintain throughout the course of the game. 

If the player married Lumina in the special edition, she will wear a blue dress with pink headband. 

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