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Birthday Spring 29th
Age 14
Family Romana
Rival Rock
Appearances AWL, HMDS, AWLSE
This article is about Lumina, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Lumina, a marriageable character from the special edition for the PS2. Lumina also appears in Harvest Moon DS.

Lumina (Reona in the Japanese version) is the rich, budding pianist living with Romana and Sebastian in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

Best described as the shy and talented granddaughter of Romana, she loves to paint and plays the piano, becoming better during later years the game. Known to be pretty shy at first, but if you befriend her, she will eventually open up.

Lumina's parents died when she was but a young child leading her to become an orphan. Her grandmother Romana took her in and brought her to the valley to live with her in the Villa. She now lives with her and their butler Sebastian.



  • Flowers
  • Marinade
  • Golden wool
  • Strawberries
  • Records
  • Moon Ore

Response: "Wow! That's my favorite. Is it for me? ... Yeah! Thank you!"


  • Tomato
  • Fodder
  • Fish
  • Scary digging objects
  • Milk
  • Gold coin




As previously stated, Romana is Lumina's wealthy grandmother who took her in after she became an orphan when both her parents died. The two have a very close relationship with one another. Since Romana dislikes being referred to as "Grandma," Lumina refers to her as "Auntie Romana." Romana taught Lumina at a young age how to play the piano and gave her support when she plays, also praising her when she plays it perfectly, this pressuring Lumina. Nevertheless, Romana still loves Lumina very much and only wants the best for her. During an event with Sebastian, it is revealed that Lumina resembled Romana when she was in her younger years.


Since her parents passed away when she was just a child, Lumina is unknowledgeable about them and wonders what kind of people they were like. She may speak to you about this but often times she quickly dismisses the matter, concluding that she is greatful that her grandmother raised her.


Even though they are not blood-related, Lumina and Sebastian have a close
relationship. As Romana's butler, Sebastian has known Lumina for a long time. Lumina does not merely treat him like a servant but a close friend she can talk to, even in times of trouble. Even after years have passed, his feelings never waver. It is proven after he attempts to wrestle Mukumuku to get a paintbrush just for her.



Rock occasionally visits Romana's ma
nor, it is not clear whether the reason is to interact with Lumina or to admire the beauty of the mansion. Both in the regular and special edition, the main character shares a cutscene with him and Lumina. Depending on your response to Lumina's dilemma, he will either leave the mansion thwarted or scold you for being inconsiderate and give her some advice. If the latter is the case, you will automatically exit the manor in shame.

Rock and Lumina seem to have a friendly relationship but it is hinted that he is infatuated with her, both in AWLSE and AnWL.

Main Character

Lumina seems to take a
n interest in the main character of Harvest Moon: AWL. However, the interest she has for you could either be romantic or just simply big-brother kind. If you choose to get married to one of the three bachelorettes (Either Celia, Nami or Muffy) when you announce the news to Romana, Lumina, and Sebastian, Lumina just laughs nervously before running away. Your character tries to chase after her, but she gets away. This could imply that Lumina is upset about the marriage.

Nami's Son If you marry Nami, her son will display affection towards Lumina during his teen years and will ask about your advice for Lumina. You can choose to act positively or negatively towards his love consultation and Nami will give him her thoughts about the matter. It is unknown if they do end up together, as they are not seen together at the conclusion of the game.


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