Lyla's Flower Shop Hours
Lyla's Flower Shop STH

Lyla's Flower Shop is a shop in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland.

It is the flower shop owned by Lyla that is attached to her home. It is next to Louis's tool shop and is open from 9am - 5pm everyday except for Sundays.

This is where you buy all of your seeds needed for growing crops on your farm. You will also be able to sell your crops, flowers and limestone found by digging on your farm.


Item  Price
Breadfruit Seeds 40g
Corn Seeds 30g
Potato Seeds 20g
Tomato Seeds 30g

Selling Prices

Item Price
Pink-Cat-Flower 20g
Corn 120g
Herb 10g
Limestone 40g
Moondrop Flower 10g
Potato 60g
Tomato 80g

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