Below are a list of several quotes said by Lyla during the course of the game Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.


  • Introductory Line: "Oh hello, nice to meet you. I didn't think we'd be getting any visitors here. ....Oh, so your name is ___? Good luck with your farm."
  • "Good morning. Um..___, was it?"
  • "Good morning, __. You're working early."
  • "Hello. You're working so hard every day!"
  • "Hello. Are you shopping today? Or do you have something to sell?"

Parting Lines

  • "I hope to see you around."
  • "Goodbye. I hope your work goes well."
  • "Tee hee. Please come talk to me again."

General Quotes

  • "The air is so fresh and clean here. It makes me feel good."
  • "___, would you like to chat with me for awhile? It's slow right now, so..."
  • "My favorite hobby is baking...and...hmm..being in love? Maybe that's not a real hobby."
  • "When it's peaceful every day you start to want some excitement... But too much of it wouldn't be good."
  • "Oh, are you out for a walk too, ___"
  • "You are always so cheerful."

After Animal Death:

  • "You have to cheer up... Otherwise you'll be too depressed to do anything."
  • "...Try not to get too depressed."



  • "Rain could be refreshing, but I can't stand it when it rains every day."
  • "Crops can get ruined when it rains too much."


  • "It's windy today... Maybe a storm's on the way. Be careful on your way home."
  • "On a day like this you should just go to bed early. But remember to take care of your animals first."

Gift Reactions

  • "Oh, thank you so much. You shouldn't have..."
  • "Oh thank you so much. I like this a lot."
  • "Oh, how nice of you. Thank you, ___"
  • "Oh that came out very nicely. I'll have it later. Thank you."
  • "I try not to eat too much... but thank you anyway."
  • Pink Cat Flower: "Ohh... this is my favorite flower. How kind of you."
  • Golden Egg: "Oh, but this is such a valuable item... Thank you very much."
  • Full Moon Berry: "Oh, isn't this a full moon berry? It's said to be very sweet and it's good for you. Thank you very much."
  • Fodder: "Oh, this is fodder. You can feed it to horses and cows."
  • Limestone: "Oh, this is limestone. You can mix it with soil. This is quite valuable, so I can't accept it."
  • Ores: "I'm sorry, I don't know much about these kinds of things. Louis would know more."
  • Failed Dish: "Oh, your cooking didn't come out right? That happens to me a lot too. The results are quite shocking sometimes."
  • Weeds: "I have no use for weeds.."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Thank you, but that's enough."

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