Main Page
Family Daryl (Father)
Marlena (Mother)
Male or female protagonist (Older sibling)
Frank (Paternal uncle)
Appearances Trio
"Big Brother/sister, is farm work fun?"

Lynn (リンネ, Rinne) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

She is the daughter of Daryl and Marlena, and the younger sister of the male or female protagonist. Though she has a bright personality, she also has a selfish side. She seems a bit lonely after parting from the protagonist.[2]



  1. お兄ちゃん、牧場の仕事は楽しい?
  2. 明るい性格だが、少しわがままな一面も。離れるのを寂しがってようだ。
  3. それなりに、牧場仕事もなんとかなっているようだし、わたしも少し安心したよ~。

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