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Manna (HM64)
Appearances HM64, BTN, FoMT
This article is about Manna, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Manna from Back to Nature or Manna from Friends of Mineral Town.

Manna is a minor character in Harvest Moon 64.

In the Winter of Year One, Doug will bring Manna to your house and ask you to keep her cows on your farm to care for them for a few days. You will need to watch the cows from the 1st of Winter until the 5th. If you do a good job while taking care of the cows, you will be paid for your trouble.

While you are watching her cows, she can be found at the Bar at nighttime. She also has a young unnamed son who will come to watch you do your farm work if you spend time in your fields during the winter season.

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