Getting Married with Catherine Harvest Moon Seed of Memories03:45

Getting Married with Catherine Harvest Moon Seed of Memories

The Marriage system is a feature in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Marriage is an important event towards the successful completion of the game. There are at least 16 memories dependent upon the completion of this event.


In order to marry a bachelor/bachelorette, you need to fulfill all of these conditions:

  • Candidate must have at least 3 Musical Notes of affection towards you.
  • Complete all of the candidate's memories.
  • Upgrade your initial house to a Larger House. (400k)
  • Have the Blue Feather.

Once you upgrade your house and have at least one bachelor/bachelorette with 3 Notes, Rowan will visit your house the next morning. The Sprite will tell you to visit the Harvest Goddess so she can give you something that will help you get married. Visit her and she will tell you that she knows you are in good relationship with someone and give you a blue feather.

Blue Feather

After obtaining the blue feather, simply speak to the marriage candidate you have chosen. You will be asked if you wish to marry him/her. If you answer "yes", the Blue Feather will be automatically given to your candidate, now fiancee, and she/he will propose marriage. NOTE: Make sure all their memories have been triggered ( four of them) or NOTHING will happen!

The wedding will take place 7 days later after the proposal. You will be taken to the town square automatically on your wedding day, which means that if your wedding coincides with a Festival/Event , that festival or event will NOT take place because your wedding takes up a whole day.

The day following your wedding, all the villagers will be assembled by the Sprite Tree which will begin to glow and grow. Following the cut scene, you will have gained an extra energy heart.

Blue Feather cutscene :

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