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Birthday Winter 25
Family Gina (Granddaughter)
Unlock By Befriend Alex
Appearances MM, STH, HoLV
This article is about Martha, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Martha, a character from Save the Homeland, or Martha from Leaf Valley.

Martha is a character in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Martha assists Doctor Alex at the Clinic. She is a motherly figure, being very kind and caring towards others around her. Like her granddaughter Gina she is good at doing laundry and sewing. 

Martha will be unlocked after befriending Alex. Visit the Clinic to meet her for the first time. Martha must also be unlocked for her granddaughter Gina to move in to town when the Sanitorium is built.

Martha will also provide the player with their final Rucksack upgrade, if she is befriended to two hearts. After watching the event where Martha asks for a ball of yarn, she will be able to make you a bigger rucksack after the yarn is delivered. 


Loves Line: "Oh me oh my! Thank you! You're a good kid, ____! I'm truely happy."

Likes Line: "Oh my, thank you, I'm happy!"

Dislikes Line: "Thank you, but no thank you."

Loved All Yarn, High Quality Cheese, High Quality Breadfruit
Liked Coral, All Herbs, Moondrop Flower, Potato, Cocoa, All Eggs
Disliked Weeds, Boots, Junk Ore, Dry Grass

Heart Lines

0 hearts: "Health is a precious asset with everything. Take care not to collapse. When you miss sleep you lose more stamina. Be sure to rest well."

1 heart: "It's a big help when there are plenty of herbs medicines."

2 hearts: "I want some yarn, but first I have to shear wool from a sheep and then use a yarn maker right? That's a lot of work."

3 hearts: "As for fish, rather than sashimi, it's better to broil it. Try to eat healthy so that you don't get sick. "

4 hearts: "Physical strength depends on your diet, sleep, and other factors. Take care to eat and sleep regularly." 

5 hearts: "It seems that in this world there is a mysterious berry that can increase physical strength, but I don't know where it grows..."

6 hearts: ""

7 hearts: ""

8 hearts: ""

9-10 hearts: ""

Rainy day below ?? hearts: "Oh my. What're you doing in the rain?"

Rainy day above ?? hearts: "My back hurts terribly when it rains. How bothersome"

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