Heart Dialogue

  • First Meeting: "Hi. You're new to the village, right? You've got your work cut out of you. Good luck."
  • Black Heart: "Hi. You know, this library was built so villagers could read my father's books. We're always adding books and replacing books, so you should make a habit of visiting the library."
  • Purple Heart: "Hello. This village looks like the land in a fairy tale."
  • Blue Heart: "Hello. Do you enjoy working the farm? How about teachig me about some farm work? I'm here in this village, so I ought to learn about all sorts of things."
  • Green Heart: "Well, hi. You've come ot read. I'm impressed. I like the smell of books. It's kind of like the smell of the forest... Calming, somehow."
  • Yellow Heart: "Oh... Hello. It seems it's always the same people who visit the library. I wish everybody from the village came to read books."
  • Orange Heart: "Oh, hello! You've come! I want to keep working at the library even after I get married... As long as there are people who visit the library."
  • Red Heart: "Hello... oh... Something's the matter. I felt strange just now..."