• First meeting (girl version): "I've never seen you before.. Are you a tourist or something? Oh, you're the new girl up at the farm...! ____, right? I'm Mary. Nice to meet you."
  • "Come here any time if you want to read something.  I bet I have lots of books you'd like!"
  • "Feel free to read any books you like."
  • You try to go upstairs in the library: "We're still arranging the books upstairs, so please don't go up there."
  • She rejects the Blue Feather: "So this is a Blue Feather, huh? Aren't they used for proposing?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather (female version): "Congratulations! You should really keep that fresh for the important girl, though!"
  • When shown your dog: "It's so cute! I love all the animals in this village, don't you?"


  • When given a brooch: "Thanks so much... Where did you get this stone? I've never seen one like it!"
  • When given a dress: "This is for me? I've always wanted one like this... thank you!"
  • When given perfume: "Yippee! I've never had such nice perfume before!"

Heart Lines

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