Mary GBC2
Town Flower Bud Village
Appearances GBC2, FoMT, BTN, HMDS, MLS
This article is about Mary a character from Harvest Moon GBC 2 . You may be looking for Mary in her other appearances throughout the series.

Mary is a character in Harvest Moon GBC 2.

She runs the town library in Harvest Moon GBC 2. She is an intelligent person, but very shy. She keeps books for you and gives you access to her computer which functions as a trade center. You can access your photo albums here as well.[1]

She is involved in several events like the Time Capsule event, Moon Viewing Festival and Treasure Map Event.[2]


"H... hello."
"I... ah... um... nevermind"
"I've read so many books now in library..."
"The main character in this novel... He's like you."
"T... thank you very much for coming today."


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