Maya MLS
Loves to eat but isn't so great at cooking.
Town Waffle Town or Harmonica Town
Liked Product Ice Cream
Appearances ToT, AP, MLS
This article is about Maya, a character from My Little Shop. You may be looking for Maya from Tree of Tranquility, or Maya, a character from Animal Parade.

Maya is a character in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

She will visit Clover Town and serve as a customer to your shop. She's a an energetic and enthusiastic girl, and has a tendency to blurt out things that sound a little odd. She's friendly and means well nonetheless.

She loves food and often talks about how tasty it is, particularly ice cream. Maya loves eating but also wants to be able to make food for others. Sadly, despite her enthusiasm, she isn't good at cooking. This dampens her spirits a little bit but she determines to keep trying no matter what.

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