Mayonnaise is a type of item in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Mayonnaise can be obtained in two ways:

Mayonnaise Maker

OO Maker

Mayonnaise Maker

Main article: Mayonnaise Maker (BTN)

The Mayonnaise Maker is able to convert Eggs into Mayonnaise. With an upgraded Chicken Coop, Saibara will sell the Mayonnaise Maker at the Blacksmith. It costs 20,000G and one Adamantite ore.

The size of Mayonnaise produced is determined by the quality of the Egg that was added. Adding a Golden egg to the Mayonnaise Maker creates Mayonnaise G (Gold Mayonnaise). Mayonnaise sells for a higher price compared to Eggs.

Item Value Quality of Egg Used
Mayonnaise S 100G Normal
Mayonnaise M 150G Good
Mayonnaise L 200G Excellent
Mayonnaise G 300G Golden egg


Main article: Cooking Recipes (BTN)

Mayonnaise S

Mayonnaise S stands for Small Mayonnaise.

Cooking Requirements:

Mayonnaise M

Mayonnaise M stands for Medium Mayonnaise.

Cooking Requirements:

Mayonnaise L

Mayonnaise L stands for Large Mayonnaise.

Requirements:Cooking Requirements:

Mayonnaise G

Mayonnaise G stands for Golden Mayonnaise.

Cooking Requirements:

  • Utensils: Whisk
  • Ingredients: Golden egg, Oil
  • Seasoning: Vinegar

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