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Michael (MM)
Birthday Fall 3
Family Ann (Daughter)
Unlock By Visit the Junk Shop
Appearances HM, MM
This article is about Michael, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Ann's Father, a character from Harvest Moon.

Michael is a character in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Michael is the the Junk Shop owner. You'll be able to meet him the first time you enter the Junk Shop, where you'll be introduced to him and his daughter, Ann. Michael is a single parent as his wife died a long time ago, leaving him to raise Ann on his own. He is hard working and knowlegeable, always concerned with Ann's well being. 

He will sell updated tools and furniture items as you make upgrades and expansions. By befriending him as well as Ann, Louis will move into the Junk Shop after the first Fireworks Festival. Michael can always be found inside the Junk Shop. 


Gift Preferences
Loved Potato, Onion, Special Milk, Special Cheese, Special Butter
Liked Ores, Milk, Green Pepper, Very Berry Jam, Tomato Sandwich
Disliked Weeds

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