Male Version

  • First Meeting: "Hello! I'm Mimi from the Barney Circus. My husband is Barney. It's nice to meet you. Ha ha ha ha."
  • "Hello, welcome. ____...."

Female Version

  • First introduction: "Let me introduce myself. I'm Mimi from the Barney Circus. My husband is the ringleader, Barney. Nice to meet you."
  • "Come on in. ____."


Male Version

  • "In fact, this circus has been postponed."
  • "Everyone else ran away. This is horrible. Nothing to do but work harder."
  • "Barney and I went to try and run the circus by ourselves. One way is to find workers in Forget-Me-Not-Valley. Ha ha ha ha."
  • "Ha ha ha ha. I'm headed out to do some shopping in town."
  • "I bought a week of supplies from town. Yeah, that was fun."

Female Version

  • "The circus is open, but we're not doing business right now."
  • "Another member of the circus ran away at night. It's terrible... I'll just have to keep working hard."
  • "I've been thinking about how we can run the circus with just me and Barney. It'll be some work finding another circus member in the Forget-Me-Not Valley. Ho ho ho!"
  • "Ha ha ha! I'm going to town to do some shopping."
  • "I bought a week's worth of stuff in town. Ah, that was fun!"


Male Version

  • Loved: "Hey, this is great! Thank you! Ha ha ha ha."
  • Liked: "Is it all right to have it? Thank you."
  • Neutral: "Thank you."
  • Disliked: "That's just like ___, always the prankster!"
  • Hated: "What the... this is terrible! Are you upset at me?"
  • Birthday Gift: "A birthday present? Thank you very much. Ha ha ha ha."
  • When given jewelry: "Is this really for me? I use it when I'm on stage. Thank you so much."
  • When given accessories: "I used to get stuff like this from my fans.. Thank you!"
  • When given perfume: "I love this perfume! This must have been expensive. Thank you."

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