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Mineral Beach is one of the locations found in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

The beach can be found on the south-east part of the map, and is only accessible through the Town Square. Some festivals are held at the beach, as well as can be used for Fishing and the home of Kai during summer.


Mineral Beach during Firework Festival
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Two festivals are held at the Beach, both during summer.

Summer Festival - Summer 1

Held on the first day of summer, you race against other men from the village from the beach to a rock in the ocean, roughly the length of the pier. The first time you win you get a Power Berry.

Fireworks Festival - Summer 24

You can choose to watch the fireworkes display with any girl, with certain affection scores. Kai can also be asked to watch the fireworks with, but needs to be befriended earlier on in summer.


You are able to fish off of either the Pier or the Beach using either the Fishing Rod or Fishing Pole. The beach is also the location where you can catch Three of the King Fish during certain seasons and after meeting specific requirements.

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