• Introduction: "Haven't seen you before. You're running the farm? That sounds tough. I'm Nellie. Nice to meet you." 
  • Morning: "Oh, ____. Good morning." 
  • Evening: "Good evening, ___. Don't stay up too late, OK?"


  • "I try to keep the house clean for my family. It's hard to keep up with everyone's mess, though."
  • "It's hard to think of what to cook every day. The girls are so picky. But I've got to make sure they eat their vegetables!"
  • "I do love to have a nice chat. I usually end up losing track of time."
  • Bazaar day: "I hope that the bazaar goes well today."
  • After a bazaar: "How did you do at the bazaar?"
  • Talk to her behind the counter at bazaar: "I'm sorry, I'm a bit busy right now."
  • After a storm: "That was some storm. Is the farm OK?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Goodness! A blue feather? When my husband gave me one, he could barely get the words out."
  • After you are married: "Compromise is the key to a good marriage. You have to be willing to meet your spouse halfway."


  • Favorite: "Oh, wow! Golden Milk! This is so rare. Thanks!"
  • Loved: "I really like this. Thanks!"
  • Liked: "Well, that's nice. Thanks!" 
  • Disliked: "I don't like this. Sorry."
  • Horror: "Are you seriously trying to give me this? This is just trash."
  • Try to give multiple gifts: "Oh, another gift today? No thanks."
  • You try to give a tool/rotten item: "That's something you should keep.

Heart Lines

Note: You can only see Nellie's unique dialogue while she is upstairs in her house. The best time for this is early on a festival day.

  • "My daughters look identical, but they're very different. Cindy is really outgoing, but... Lauren's a bit too shy. I worry about her."
  • "You want to know our favorite colors? My husband likes red. The kids like blue. I like yellow."
  • Green Heart: "My husband used to be quite fit. He let himself go after the wedding. Sigh..."
  • Yellow Heart: "My parents are pretty well off. The house I grew up in was huge. When I first saw this house, I couldn't believe it." 
  • Orange Heart: "Claire and I had our children the same year. She and I are so close, she's like a sister to me." 
  • Red Heart: "Hi, ___. It's good to see you. I always enjoy talking to you."


  • Before the start of a festival: "Festivals are always so fun. My girls love them!"
  • You lose: "Don't worry, you'll get 'em next time."
  • You win: "Wow. Well done, ____."
  • You don't compete/enter: "Festivals are more fun when you compete."

Flower Festival:

  • "Good luck, ____."
  • When given a flower: "Hee hee. Thanks, ____."

Wine/Tea Festival:

  • "Thanks for today, ___."

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