New Year's Day is a celebration on the 1st of Spring to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in Harvest Moon 64.

It is held in the Village Square of Flowerbud Village. The celebration is a drinking competition with all of the villagers. Each villager has a certain tolerance before they decide to call it a day.

The celebration ends only when the player out-drinks the villagers. The player can do this by building up a high tolerance for alcohol by drinking at the bar as many nights as they can. If they don't have a high enough tolerance and drink too much, they pass out and the villagers bring the player back to their house, thus ending the day.

The player will not be able to take part in this festival during their first year.


  • Karen is the champion drinker of New Year's Day, which means she takes a lot of drinks. Out-drinking her is a good way to raise her affection.
  • More often than not, the player can find Ellen outside the bakery on this festival; talking to her will cause her to pass away.


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