A mischievous boy. Gets along with animals in an instant.
Town Clover Town
Liked Product Ice Cream
Family Mint
Appearances MLS

Nick is a character in Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

He is a young boy who runs the Animal Shop with his older sister, Mint. When Mint isn't at the animal shop, Nick will work at the store in her place.

He tends to be troublesome to his older sister, but loves her. He gets along very well with animals and is passionate about farm life. He is rather blunt, and does not hesitate to let you know of his distaste for city life and the people who choose to live it.

Because of your city background, he doesn't seem to fully trust you to run a farm correctly and will often be near your animals, probably checking up on them. He will begin to trust you more as time goes on.

If you play as a girl, he is one of the three boys you can take to the Starry Night Festival.

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