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Opening Day (also known as the Swimming Festival) is the first holiday of Summer. It is held at Mineral Beach from 10 AM till 2:50 PM and is most known for being one of the harder festivals as well as for the chance to win a Power Berry.


Summer swimming

Swimming Competition-Medium Stamina

During the Swimming Festival the character will compete against other males in the town in a race along the dock. Although almost all males participate, your only real competition is Kai. The first year you win you will be rewarded with a Power Berry. Tactics to win include
  • Start by pressing X quickly (2-4 times per second, too fast and you'll just flop around), until your stamina drops to the Dull Yellow face (''-''). Hold Triangle down until the face goes back to "Happy." Continue this pattern until you are %70 of the way (Where Stu walks to and stops), then furiously hit X till finish. If done correctly you will start off slower than the rest but win in the end
  • Pressing X and Triangle Alternatively really quickly. A staggered approach, but known to work
  • Use a turbo controller to press X so fast it doesn't matter

Your Stamina has five stages during this game, and Stamina is recovered by pressing the Triangle Button

  1. Full - Bright Yellow Happy Face
  2. Medium - Dull Yellow (''-'') Face
  3. Low - Mustard Yellow Sad face
  4. Nearly Empty - Constipated Red Face
  5. Passed Out - Blue Face


Talk to each of the villagers, for each NPC you talk to gets a +5 boost to affection, and every bachelorette you talk to gets a +500 affection.

Winning the competition rewards you with an additional +20 affection to villager who attended and +500 for girls there.

You can also use this time to Fish in the ocean, as time has stood still. However, do not leave the screen to drop off fish or Litter (Must be kept in rucksack).

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